Soma Intimates Sports Bra Review


For the past 4 years I have been on a weight loss and health journey. In that that time I have done it all. From indoor rock climbing to hot yoga, cardio barre, to becoming quite the little jogger. Incorporating these things into my daily exercise routine helped me to lose a total of 64 pounds. Not bad for doing it mainly on my own (i’ve recently hired a trainer). I’ve learned that losing weight and working out takes 3 main components:

  • Consistency
  • Moderation

And trust me when I tell you all three are no easy feat. 

If you think finding an everyday bra is hard, finding a sports bra for activities like Zumba, Jogging or Kickboxing is even harder. There’s a reason why boobies go flying during these workouts. And even as The (Philly) Bra Lady I was no exception. And as an active and consistent fitness lover I have made it my mission to help women find the right bra for their activity level, breast shape and body size. Yes, all those things matter. Check out my 2015 list of my favorite sports bras  size B-J here. 

So you can imagine when lingerie newbie company Soma launched their new sports bra and apparel line I could not wait to try it out. 



My Grade for Soma‘s New Sports Bra and Apparel = B- 

Heres what I love about the product

  • The Size Range: They have included my E.F.G Girls with sizes from 32D – 38G. 
  • Color Palette : They have blue, neon green, and teal. As well as basic colors like black, grey and nude.  
  • Price Point: The sports bra I’m pictured wearing is only $60. Which is pretty comparable to most brands but generous for my E.F.G Girls.
  • Design: I love the “almost” long line band under the wire (bras available in wired and wireless styles) 
  • Side Panel Support: No side boob in this bra. The high side panels don’t rub, pinch or dig. All in, all covered. 


Here’s What I don’t love about the product

  • The Size Range: You ladies know I’m a H Cup (34 H) and this only goes up to a G cup 😦 
  • Design: Although this is a wired sports bra the wires are only placed under the breast.  There is no real bridge or gore to help keep breast separate so there are no real cups. Therefore your boobs will end up touching and have that uniboob effect. 
  • Cup Depth: The “cups” are just not deep enough in my opinion. More on that below. 

Feedback from my review…

So since I’m a H cup I requested this bra in my “sister size” 36G (going up in the band and down in the cup to get more depth in the cup. Case in point, if a manufacture knows you have a larger body frame {i.e.. larger band/back} the cup size/depth will increase (more on that here). So in order to get more room in the cup I got a 36G. As you can see my cup runneth over a bit (unfortunately after a workout it was worst).

In light of that I had a plus model friend of mine try on the same bra in size 38G her true size. She had the same problem. Spillage in the cup. 


My Final Thoughts On The Bra…

Overall I think the bra is a good sports bra. Good not great but, its their first sports bra.  The design is one of the best that I have seen thus far. Especially in this size range. It allows you to be comfortable, stylish and dare I say sexy and supported. Yet, there is most certainly room for improvement. However, I think the biggest issues with this bra is that although its sized to a G cup its

a. Not designed for a true G cup or fuller bust women

b. Not designed for plus/ fuller bodied women.

I would however recommend this bra for women sized D, E, F. Click here to find the nearest Soma to you to try out their new sports line.

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I Do it For My Health

Women need to be more active! I know some of you reading this may be thinking “is she crazy, I’am active.” Running around in our daily lives whether its after our kids, cleaning the house or doing errands it’s simply not enough.Two years ago I became addicted to working out. In fact I’m one of those people that when I really find an activity that I love I look forward to doing it. 

Be Active Anywhere

Bicycle… No Wheels 🙂

We as women have to put our selves higher on our priority list, starting with our health. Each day I try (yes try) to be active for 30 mins.  Even a small change, being active for 30 minutes  daily can increase  your life span by three years. My current activity of choice is jogging! I love it, I also suggest power walking especially if your just starting out. Currently it takes me 45mins to jog 3miles. I know that may seem like a far distance but, once you get started its not.  All you need are a few must haves to get you thru here are mine… 

Workout Must Haves!

1. My visor: Its spring time and when the sun is beaming on me during an outdoor workout I need protection! I hate having to workout in the sun without my visor! I have the exact one pictured above that I purchased for $5.99 from Wawa. 

2. Footwear: I was recently gifted (from my other half) a pair of Nike Airmax’s! Love’em for 2 reasons (1) they are Skinny Minority Purple and (2) the super cool and comfy air bubble to cushion my heel & arch. FYI I’m flat footed so it definitely makes all the difference. 

3. The Perfect Tee: I love love love wearing our new fashion fitness tee! Its cute, stretchy and bold. Its the perfect tee to wear while for Zumba, Errands or Jogging! Available for Purchase 5/1/12. 

4. Music: No matter what type of workout I’m doing I MUST listen to music! Its keeps me motivated and in good sprits all workout long!

5. Hydration: Water, Gatorade or Powerade! Take your pick they help you to stay cool and keep you body calm while being active.  

So ladies, lets run with our kids, schedule a hot yoga class, ride a bike or hit the pavement! Whatever you choose to do lets make a commitment to our selves to be more active!  This commitment is not about a diet, quick fix or being skinny, this commitment is about being healthy. Your body will thank you both inside and & out! 

If you would like to share with us the ways in which you are active please write us below! Curvy girls unite 🙂 



PS: I’ll be trying out rock climbing this weekend!