Guest Post: Plussize Gym Clothes For The Fat, Fancy & Fit


I have a small confession to make…I’m penning this today having just eaten a cupcake for breakfast (it was post-Valentine’s, when romantic overtures consisted of a spam email with the subject line ‘be my Valentine’), after a week that has included fish and chips, pasta and pancakes and absolutely no gym trips.
This week’s indiscretions aside, working out is an important part of my routine and if I go too long without doing so, I am usually left itching for activity and feeling increasingly guilty about the lack thereof.
I wasn’t always such an exercise addict though (‘get off your ̶  *neatly revises* ̶  ‘behind’ and do some exercise’ being a popular refrain often shot at me by my father when growing up; my rejoinder: I will go to the gym when I’ve lost weight and can stand the mirrors,’ a catch 22) so I’m well aware of the number of minefields that can be faced before even getting changed when it comes to haul assing to the gym.
But the potential troubles don’t end there; finding figure flattering gym clothes in itself can be enough to render full blown depression Not only do you want to avoid being caught with an unflattering roll or two, but there’s the dreaded “chub rub” (clothes riding up and cutting in to you). Worrying about all that will surely blow your confidence and make hitting the treadmill even less appealing. Trust me when I say I’ve had my fair share of sartorial set backs:

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