How To Wear The 70s Style Trend


Overcoat: Primark| Purse: Vintage| Jeans: Gap Curvy Cropped Jeans| Top: Nordstorm|     Shoes: Sam Edelman

No White After Labor Day? Tell’em boy bye. I’ll wear what I want when I want. Truth be told I wanted to wear this amazing suede jacket back in July but that would have been just crazy.  I’m an 80s baby (1984 to be exact)  but the 70’s are back in full effect. But I’m not a trend person. I teach women my professional style philosophy…

Style is personal. You have to find what works for you. Don’t force it. Don’t follow trends.  Know your bra size, wear shapewear and follow your heart

So when I saw this coat I knew this would be my gateway to 70s style for Fall 2016. If your new to the to the 1970s trend think, fringe, baby blue eyeshadow, platforms and flare jeans. 

Stylist Tips For Incorporating This Trend

  • Start with Accessories: an earring or shoe is a great place to start. Its small enough to wear to work but punchy enough to make an impact. 
  • Pick Neutral Colors: I choose brown so that I may wear this with many things for different occasions. 
  •  Wear Classic Shapes: Wearing trending pieces in modern shapes and silhouettes so that will stand the test of time in your closet, no matter how much you paid for the item. 




Why Your Boobs Are Spilling Out Of Your Bra

Aside from not knowing where our (bra) bands should lay on our back(s) we also don’t exactly know how our breast should look inside of a bra. Sounds strange doesn’t it. But truth be told, before I became a professional bra fitter I didn’t know these things either. 

To Recap Your Bra Is made Up Of 5 Parts: 

  1. Band
  2. Straps
  3. Cups
  4. Hook & Eye Closures
  5. Gore (Bridge) 

Last month we covered everything about your bras band. In this week’s #TataTuesday Tip we are talking about the Gore of the bra or as we like to call it The Bridge! What it is,  what it does and why your boobs are spilling out of your bra! Watch & Learn! 


What to wear under your skirts and dresses


No woman wants people to know what lives underneath or the exact circumference of her panties. Panty lines are just NO GOOD! My solution are these amazing girl shorts! I wear them under skirts, dresses, knit pants or by themselves. Nothing is more comfortable on a weekend at home. Netflicks and Chill just got an upgrade. 

But whether you’re wearing it under the perfect pencil skirt, shift dress or your on-the-go work attire, my simply soft long leg girl short is the perfect alternative to Spanx.


Trust me adding this to your intimates drawer will perfect your entire fall wardrobe.

Why Its The Spanx Runner Up!
  • Longer length provides inner thigh comfort and prevents rubbing
  • Soft, yet structured; features a touch of slimming for a smooth look and feel
  • Ultra soft, stretch lace waistband, moves with, and not against you, for a flat finish
  • Cotton Modal blend fabric was hand selected to maximize everyday fit and comfort; they are the softest panties in our collection
  • Easy Care: Machine wash on gentle cycle in cold water. Lay flat to dry.
  • Affordable: Only $20 ea. 

Click to eliminate panty lines now!


And don’t forget receive $15 off your girl short when you buy a tee shirt bra and panty! Get your $15 gift here! 

What To Know About Your Bra’s Band Before You Buy

Well ladies we have come to the end of our Bra Band Series. We’ve covered Why Your Brand Is The Most Important Part of Your Bra. Following that we talked about The Real Reason You Have Hook & Eye Closures on your band. Now we are finishing up with What you need to know about your bras band before you buy. 

As a professional bra fitter I call this step The Rubber Band Test! Get your phones and your pencils out ladies, its note taking time! Watch & Learn!



How To Dress An Apple Body Shape

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 11.12.51 PM

This week I’m teaching a class called ” Shop like a pro: Learn your body shape.” I love teaching women how to look great in clothes. The smiles on their face when they love what they see in the mirror or learn a new trick brings me true joy. So in prepping for my class I put together a few images of different outfits that compliment each body shape. I also broke them down into work-wear, weekend and date night categories.

This week we are starting with the Apple or Inverted Triangle body shape. Think Sherri Shepard, Wendy Williams and  Catherine Zeta Jones. Apple shapes carry their “weight” in the upper half of the body. They are the exact opposite to Pear shapes which carry their “weight” in the lower half of their bodies.’

One of the points I make in this class is the importance of knowing your measurements. That includes, bust, shoulders, waist, hips, and length (for inseams). This will not only help you when getting things altered and tailored but also during shopping.

If you are like me and you hate trying on clothes, the next best thing would be to keep a measuring tape with you at all times. That way you can measure the waist & hip of pants, dresses, and skirts when you are shopping. Although trying things is is best, though it can be annoying.

 A good clear indication that you are an apple shape is if your shoulders are 5 inches or more wider than your hips. Though your hips and thighs are smaller than your top half you are known for having gorgeous legs! And therefore I threw some dresses in with my 3 looks for my beautiful apple shaped readers! Check them out below.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 1.23.25 AM

Why the Work Look Works: I chose this mini aline dress for a few reasons:

  1. It shows off your legs.
  2. The shape of the dress isn’t tight but falls just enough away from the body to show your shape but hide any visible belly jelly.
  3. The print is fun but work appropriate. It also draws more attention to the hips and creates the illusion of more curves.

The jacket is polished and keeps your arms covered. The pump is good for the office or happy hour but can be worn with many things in your closet. Same as the handbag.

Why the Weekend Look Works:  If you want to be trendy this Fall then add sneakers or leather to your look. The sporty luxe trend thats exploded everywhere is perfect for weekend errands or social gatherings. I chose to pair denim and leather together to breakup the look. Doing denim on denim would be ok too, but adding texture to your bottom half creates balance and adds symetry to your body. The vest is a fall staple for some but, for you worn open will add visual interest to your look. Black is boring at times, red is passionate and vibrant. Chose a shoe (or carry both with you) and your ready for a playdate or a night with the girls.

Why the We Time/Date Night Look Works: By now you are getting the feel for how your body shape works and how to look great in your own skin. I love this dress by Kenzo. Mainly because of the feather detail but, also because any woman can rock this look, from 22 t0 42 to 62. What more could you want it in black baroque chicness. With your body shape everything you love about your body is revealed and what you don’t love is concealed! I’d say job well done to any dress that does that!

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 9.32.53 AM

Have more questions? Are you an Apple Girl and wants to try one of these looks? Send your pictures, questions, and comments to or tweet me @CurvyGirlStylis (leave out the t) with the hashtag #cgstalk 


How To Dress For A Funeral?

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 5.16.22 PM

When I told my friends and family I was prepping for this post they all said, What? Why? What kind of questions do your readers send you! In your defense I replied, ” Well a funeral is a life specific  occasion. Grim and sad as they may be, its something we all experience. And yes what to wear, depending on the circumstance can be one of your top 10 questions concerning the event. In fact did you know that what to wear to a funeral service is one of the top 5 most Googled style questions on the net? Grim and sad as it might be I thought that was pretty cool. So here’s what I’m proposing you wear to one of life’s most un-welcomed occasions. And yes it’s black. 

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