PRESS: My Interview w/ Bring The Noise Podcast

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Today I was featured in an interview with the amazing women of Bring The Noise podcast. When the founders Naomi and Annette invited me to be interviewed I was both excited and honored. They said they admired my hustle and that they considered me to be a noisemaker. During our chat we spoke about everything from my business failure to how I juggle all 5 of my hustles. 

Click the link below to listen to the full interview and become a Super Duper Hustler!

Special thanks to Naomi and Annette. 

Fashion’s Night Out Philadelphia

R-L (Mecca, Karima (Not Me), Georgette, & Yeve)

Each of you has received a gift to use to serve others. 

This quote could not be more relevant to my life this past week. For the second year in a row Skinny Minority served as the official stylist for Macy’s Fashion’s Night Out [FNO] Event. This year our hometown of Philadelphia was an official city for FNO! 

Mama I’m Famous

I was so thrilled at the opportunity to speak to these women about Fall Trends, Body Image, Budgets, Bras and Boobies. This year I created and curated Macys first Style Sessions, where I took four amazing ladies and styled them in Fall’s hottest trends. 

R-L (Mecca, Karima (Not Me), Georgette, & Yeve)

Our event took place in the INC Concepts section of the women’s department and boy did we have a crowd. Ladies were coming out of the wood works and with only two rows of seating there was standing room only! 

I was thrilled to work with my “models” 2 of which are not only my followers but fellow bloggers. To the far left Mecca of Style Out Loud rocked an amazing Green Vince Camuto Blazer while Georgette of Grown & Curvy Woman looked fabulous in a teal pencil skirt by Alfani, both are available at Macys. 

Tahari Dress, Sam Edelman Shoes (old), Cuff Juicy Couture

I wore a dress by Tahari, my dress is from his straight size line but he also offers plus up to size 24. This dress fit great; I got many compliments that night. Even one of the shoppers asked me where I got my dress from and of course I told it was provided by Macy’s. FYI If my boobs were smaller I could have fit a size 12 but I opted for a size 14. 

Chit Chat After The Event

Q&A With The Shoppers

I’m chatty so I absolutely loved talking to the shoppers after the session ended. I got great questions about bathing suits, jeans and even modeling. I also got the chance to meet many of the other followers which is always a cool experience for me. I can not express how much that means to me when people take the time to support what I have going on, its unexplainable. I’m truly grateful to have such supportive followers, family and friends.  You guys and dolls are amazing. 

Family Came To Support

My Friend, Sister & Part Time Assistant Dom On The Left

But before I go here’s a video snippet of my Macy’s Style Session Event For Fashion’s Night Out… Enjoy & Hope to see you next year! 


To see more behind the scenes of our events follow me on Instagram @SkinnyMinority. 

A Day In The Life Of A Stylist: FAQ


Hello Fashion Dolls:

I haven’t done a post like in awhile and I thought it was somewhat overdue. I normally only do these post when I have something to say. These particular post were put in place to help other freelance stylist or aspiring stylist along their journey with useful tips and information that no one shares.

In this post the useful info is subliminal… I get asked these question a lot and I wanted to create a place where even if you know me or get the opportunity to meet me face to face you can have these questions answered. Enjoy~

Q:What prompted you to start Skinny Minority and how does it further fashion for real women?

A: First I hate the term “real women” there’s no real and no fake. However, there is a growing commonality within female retail consumers, where real life skinny women are now in the minority and fuller women and girls are the majority. Hence my company name, Skinny Minority, thats the quadrant of the fashion industry that I stand on the front line for,  we are in the Skinny Minority! Working with June Ambrose and and clients like Christette Michelle and Jasmin Sullivan I noticed how difficult it can be to pull clothing for them (even from department stores). With that in mind and also being the only curvy girl on set I knew I had to do something to better serve our clients. Once I started freelancing I knew that it would be hard to find work, even with connections. Fashion is a very tight industry. So I took my love for fashion and my own personal journey, meshed the two and embarked on a new journey.  I wanted to make it my business to wake up the industry, I wanted to be a game changer.

Q: In moving to New York many door opened to you and you’ve worked with major PR firms, celebrities as well as June Ambrose. How have these connections and moving away affected your career?

A: Moving back to Philly from New York (oh how I miss it so) was actually one of the best things I could have ever done. I say that because it allowed me to refocus, and save a lot of money. My connections are still there, I still attend events, email people to keep them abreast of what I’m doing. As far as forming new contacts  I’m able to do that as well. The only hard part is doing showroom pulls and returns, i really hate that part.

Q: What do you enjoy MOST about running your own business? What do you enjoy LEAST?

A: What I enjoy most is the fact that I own my company and nobody can tell me no, I have the last word. Love that. What I like the least is firing people, especially interns. I really dislike this because a lot of the girls I work with have so much potential but they lack in tenacity and drive. I hate to see that. Fashion and entertainment is not for the meek.

Q: In running a successful business there are a lot of different roles, what do you think is the most important role in being a female entrepreneur? 

A: Being an entrepreneur is the same whether you are male or female, yes the challenges you face are slightly different but I’ve always said you can’t deny greatness. So I strive for that in everything I do, literally from my company name to a blog layout and all that in-between. Those who work with and around me know it. Having that attitude had gotten me far. No one needs a penis to do that! But you do need balls, and I’m as ballsy as a girl can come. Now of course I represent for my ladies and hope to inspire them but, thats on a personal level. I look up to many other entrepreneur’s like Oprah, Kelly Curtone, Sean Combs, and Leonard Brody. Not all female but, they each bring different things to the table… they all have one thing in common, tenacity!  So what do I think my role is as an entrepreneur, I’ve thought about this for days and I’m still not sure. On the other hand I do know my role in life, which is to be a Glamours Power Chick!