Graphic Prints: Dress to Impress

I haven’t worn this dress in ages. Honestly, there is one major reason why, I couldn’t fit it. Until recently this scenario was the story of my closet. You know that relationship I spoke about back in January? Well I gave it, 4 years of love and it gave me 60 pounds. I know, I don’t juge me. Relationship weight as I call it, is REAL! As women we know that not being able to fit things in your closet can suck! But we all have those, “I’ll be able to fit this again one day” items in our closet. Yes, even as a stylist I’m not perfect, I break some of the rules sometimes too… I’m human. In fact, I was going to sell this dress, I thought it had run its course in my closet (only have worn it once or twice). Then I saw a magazine article and got inspired. I immediately called my bestie and makeup artist B aka Just B Beautiful and voila, I was dressed to impress. Continue reading

Wear Neon to Work: Sporty LuxeTrend

IMG_1338 copy

One of the most interesting trends for Spring 2014 is the sporty luxe look. I have to admit when I first saw the trend on the runways a few years ago I was not impressed.  I super feminine. If I could raid Joan Of Mad Men’s wardrobe closet I would.  Sports and I have never gotten along. But, when I saw this skirt in Forever 21 I just had to have it; it was love at first sight.

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