Fashion: Wedge, Hold The Salad

A few years ago when I lived in Queens (New York) I hated a wedge shoe!!! I’d much rather rock a pump or stiletto. As many things in my life that has changed. As you may or may nor  know my  all time favorite is a platform pump yet,  this summer all I want to rock is a wedge.

Micheal Kors, $960

Its common knowledge to all fashion girls that next to flats wedges are the most comfortable shoe to wear. If your life is anything like mine than your constantly running around, pounding the city pavement all while having to look your best. This can be a challenge as many of you may know and I believe the wedge is the perfect suitor. They do all that a pump can do; elongate the leg, make you taller, defy gravity.  Most importantly, they pair nicely with this seasons trends like maxi skirts, pleated little filly things and pastel or neon bottoms. Can you tell I’m excited for this! In the mean time while we wait for the weather to consistently stay above 75 check out a few of my favorite wedges…

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