Food: B’More Organic

As always when I go to the grocery store I’m always looking for new things to try.  When it comes to food I get bored very easily and like to incorporate new things into my diet. It also helps that I like to share my thoughts on what I try with you guys. So this past Thursday I went to the market to pick up a few things and found this in the yogurt section, B’more Organic Skyr Smoothie. 

B’More Organic Products

At $3.99 a bottle I was a bit apprehensive to spend $4 bucks on a drink but for you guys I will try almost anything. I went for the banana flavor as a safe bet, I’m not the biggest mango fan and vanilla seemed too plain. I have to admit I keep saying to myself, “ok you wasting your money, you don’t like greek yogurt so what makes you think this will be different?”

BUT I was wrong! I like this stuff. Its super thick, creamy and taste banana pudding at first and ends with a tart flavor.  The constancy was so thick I immediately thought it could be a meal replacement drink.  But I like that. I also got to thinking about mixing it with fruit for a milkshake effect. But what’s in this Skyr Smoothie? What makes its so great?

Well Guys Here R The Facts

  • With origins in Iceland Skyr (Skeer) looks and taste like greek yogurt but is actually cheese
  • Skyr is made from skim milk; its also high in protein and calcium
  • With most lactose removed it’s great for lactose sensitive people
  • Skyr is full of great probiotics
  • Only 90 calories/ serving; each bottle is 2 servings
  • ONLY 5 SIMPLE INGREDIENTS : Organic Skim Milk, Banana Puree, Banana Extract, Organic Stevia Powder, Live Yogurt Cultures


“22 g protein, 0 fat and only 6 g of sugar.That’s much better– more protein and less sugar than an American cup of yogurt”

My Milkshakes Bring All The Boys To The Yard

And so as apart of my Monday Motivation Facebook post I made a great banana raspberry smoothie, and voila! I just added 1/2 cup skim milk (keep it tight and light) and about 15-16 raspberries. Topped with whipped cream (0 points on weight watchers) and more raspberries. Indulge and add any fruit you want! Yes its more sugar, but hey, life should be sweet. 

For more information and where to buy B’more products visit them online here.