Get Bra Confidence With These Tips

Last week I was invited to a local radio station in Philly Power 99FM. I was invited to talk about the business of beauty, bras and boobies on their podcast “Beauty & The Beast.” Hosted and created by Cappucino (@Capponair) because as she puts it beauty is a beast. 

Watch now and take notes on how you too can conquer the beast and get one step closer to comfort and confidence in your bra! Because it doesn’t have to hurt! 

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Wear Neon to Work: Sporty LuxeTrend

IMG_1338 copy

One of the most interesting trends for Spring 2014 is the sporty luxe look. I have to admit when I first saw the trend on the runways a few years ago I was not impressed.  I super feminine. If I could raid Joan Of Mad Men’s wardrobe closet I would.  Sports and I have never gotten along. But, when I saw this skirt in Forever 21 I just had to have it; it was love at first sight.

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How To Layer Clothes On Plus size Curves

Its winter… is anyone excited because I’m not… I don’t like being cold or wearing a coat for that matter! However, there’s nothing we can do but brave the weather the best way we can and that is to be utterly fabulous. Fashion doesn’t stop when the warm weather does. I’m not a sweater girl! I don’t think they look good on me in fact they have a tendency to make me look bigger than what I actually am. The same goes for the current dressed up sweatshirt trend thats going on…I’m not a fan. So whats a girl to when she is curvy and fashionable but the temps are below 30… LAYER.

Recently I have become the self proclaimed queen of layering. There’s a secret sauce to adding multiple layers of  clothing to a curvy, voluptuous, full body without adding bulk. Check out this look I put together which includes: 1 Jacket, 1 skirt, 2 tops, 2 pairs of stockings and 1 pair of heels and a dash of sparkle.

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