How To Wear The 70s Style Trend


Overcoat: Primark| Purse: Vintage| Jeans: Gap Curvy Cropped Jeans| Top: Nordstorm|     Shoes: Sam Edelman

No White After Labor Day? Tell’em boy bye. I’ll wear what I want when I want. Truth be told I wanted to wear this amazing suede jacket back in July but that would have been just crazy.  I’m an 80s baby (1984 to be exact)  but the 70’s are back in full effect. But I’m not a trend person. I teach women my professional style philosophy…

Style is personal. You have to find what works for you. Don’t force it. Don’t follow trends.  Know your bra size, wear shapewear and follow your heart

So when I saw this coat I knew this would be my gateway to 70s style for Fall 2016. If your new to the to the 1970s trend think, fringe, baby blue eyeshadow, platforms and flare jeans. 

Stylist Tips For Incorporating This Trend

  • Start with Accessories: an earring or shoe is a great place to start. Its small enough to wear to work but punchy enough to make an impact. 
  • Pick Neutral Colors: I choose brown so that I may wear this with many things for different occasions. 
  •  Wear Classic Shapes: Wearing trending pieces in modern shapes and silhouettes so that will stand the test of time in your closet, no matter how much you paid for the item. 




Why Your Boobs Are Spilling Out Of Your Bra

Aside from not knowing where our (bra) bands should lay on our back(s) we also don’t exactly know how our breast should look inside of a bra. Sounds strange doesn’t it. But truth be told, before I became a professional bra fitter I didn’t know these things either. 

To Recap Your Bra Is made Up Of 5 Parts: 

  1. Band
  2. Straps
  3. Cups
  4. Hook & Eye Closures
  5. Gore (Bridge) 

Last month we covered everything about your bras band. In this week’s #TataTuesday Tip we are talking about the Gore of the bra or as we like to call it The Bridge! What it is,  what it does and why your boobs are spilling out of your bra! Watch & Learn! 


What to wear under your skirts and dresses


No woman wants people to know what lives underneath or the exact circumference of her panties. Panty lines are just NO GOOD! My solution are these amazing girl shorts! I wear them under skirts, dresses, knit pants or by themselves. Nothing is more comfortable on a weekend at home. Netflicks and Chill just got an upgrade. 

But whether you’re wearing it under the perfect pencil skirt, shift dress or your on-the-go work attire, my simply soft long leg girl short is the perfect alternative to Spanx.


Trust me adding this to your intimates drawer will perfect your entire fall wardrobe.

Why Its The Spanx Runner Up!
  • Longer length provides inner thigh comfort and prevents rubbing
  • Soft, yet structured; features a touch of slimming for a smooth look and feel
  • Ultra soft, stretch lace waistband, moves with, and not against you, for a flat finish
  • Cotton Modal blend fabric was hand selected to maximize everyday fit and comfort; they are the softest panties in our collection
  • Easy Care: Machine wash on gentle cycle in cold water. Lay flat to dry.
  • Affordable: Only $20 ea. 

Click to eliminate panty lines now!


And don’t forget receive $15 off your girl short when you buy a tee shirt bra and panty! Get your $15 gift here! 

What To Know About Your Bra’s Band Before You Buy

Well ladies we have come to the end of our Bra Band Series. We’ve covered Why Your Brand Is The Most Important Part of Your Bra. Following that we talked about The Real Reason You Have Hook & Eye Closures on your band. Now we are finishing up with What you need to know about your bras band before you buy. 

As a professional bra fitter I call this step The Rubber Band Test! Get your phones and your pencils out ladies, its note taking time! Watch & Learn!



Get Bra Confidence With These Tips

Last week I was invited to a local radio station in Philly Power 99FM. I was invited to talk about the business of beauty, bras and boobies on their podcast “Beauty & The Beast.” Hosted and created by Cappucino (@Capponair) because as she puts it beauty is a beast. 

Watch now and take notes on how you too can conquer the beast and get one step closer to comfort and confidence in your bra! Because it doesn’t have to hurt! 

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 5.31.06 PM

9 Ways Aliza Licht & I Teach You a Lesson In Personal Style

Its all in the details, thats what makes style personal.

Its all in the details, thats what makes style personal.

One of my clients said to me that she wished there was a place or blog online where she could find out everything (beauty + style). She continues to say that she just wanted a place that said, this is what’s in, this is whats not and please wear this…thank you.

Aliza, Top Right Corner

Aliza, Top Right Corner

When my clients speak I listen. I help women with their style needs everyday, either with my services or my blog. Aliza Licht (a mentor to me in my head) talks about the importance of developing and having personal style in her book Make Your Mark. She helps stylist like me foster the styles most of the celebrities we love as the @DKNY (PRGIRL).

“ Your style needs to empower you to take on the engery of your world each day. That’s what it does for me. It gives me the engery and confidence to tackle whatever comes my way.” ~ Aliza Licht, Make Your Mark

Have no style or need a refresher course, here are 9 ways to building, changing or creating YOUR personal style…

KNOW YOUR BODY: I preach the gospel of making your body look its best. That starts with knowing your body.

  • Are you hourglass (your waist is 5+ inches smaller than your hips)
  • Are you athletic or apple ( and don’t have a defined waist but your shoulders are boarder than your hips)
  • Are you pear or triangle (smaller bust with fuller hips)


GET INSPIRED: When I have consultations with my clients I always ask them what celebrities style do they admire. We all are inspired by something. How do you think designers and retail stores create their lines and collections? Find your inspiration and look to recreate it, with your body shape and lifestyle in mind.

TAKE A SELFIE: When you finally put together an outfit that you love, take a selfie. That way you don’t forget the how amazing you looked. And no worries about repeating, just change the shoe or add a necklace or scarf if you need too.

ORGANIZE: I know personally and from working with my clients that nothing makes getting dressed easier than an organized closet. By color, season, style, it doesn’t matter just as long as you know where everything is and you can see it. 

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 1.13.00 PM

UNIFORM: Come up with a uniform that works best for you. An outfit that you can wear, anywhere. For me its something black and white. Pick whatever colors you want just make sure  you look is always appropriate, comfortable and chic.

INVEST: Always invest (pay a little extra) in the pieces that people remember most, accessories, handbags, shoes and coats.



PLAY INSIDE THE BOX: Don’t try to be someone else, stay in your lane. Yes, you should be inspired but, don’t be fake. Be you, be the best version of yourself always. As Aliza said “if you can’t walk in heels, don’t walk in them, there’s nothing worst than a girl who wobbles.” 

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 6.25.26 PM

REPETITION IS REPUTATION: I love blazers and I wear them most of the time, unless I’m in my other staple, a dress. They have become a signature of mine. For you it could be a piece of clothing, jewelry, a hairstyle,  nail color anything really. Oprah’s hair became her thing, Beyonce now as the body suit, and Aliza has her red lip…what will your thing be? 

FOUNDATION: I don’t believe in waist training but, I do believe in Spanx. The best outfits start with a great bra. Embrace it ladies, accept it. ALL WOMEN SHOULD OWN A FEW (ACUTALLY 7) GOOD BRAS. Your shape wear is not a miracle worker, it can’t make a size 18 and 8. Nor should it. If your foundation isn’t sturdy your outfit is sure to #fail.