Winter Skin Routine: Origins

My Favorite Origins Mask = Clear Improvement

My Favorite Origins Mask = Clear Improvement

I don’t know about you but when winter hits or even when the seasons change my skin goes BANANAS.  And though its not officially winter for the next few weeks my skin is already like whoa. Not to meantion my clean eating’s gone out the door and my increased sugar intake is also causing me to breakout.  Thankfully Origins came to the rescue. 

Born with acneic skin (yes i’m pretty sure i came into this world with at least 1 pimple) I’ve battled pimples all my life. And now being over thirty I’m still plagued with the same problems I faced at 15. Yes my acne is milder but its still aggravating.  I’ve gone both routes chemical and natural, nothing works for the long term. 

My Full Skincare Supply From AM-PM

My Full Skincare Supply From AM-PM

So when Origins approached me I was thrilled. I’d used the brand before but never an entire system. Last week I begun using the  products shown below and I’m loving the ease of everything. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for updates over the next 60 days. I’ll be doing my first product review on 12/18/15. And I’ll be doing a great holiday giveaway soon too. Follow me @karima_renee on all social media.




Origins 4

In the mean time, let me know have you used Origins before? What are you using in your skincare routine? Lets dish and give each other tips.  Sharing is caring around here.



It’s a great investment! Think about it, your bra is the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off. It’s important. And just like your day, your outfit begins with a good bra, not great shoes. Start with a good bra fitting and then invest in whatever brand you can afford. You owe it to your self, your breast and your outfit! For more videos on all things bras, Check on my oldie but good, Skinny Minority’s 5 Ws Of Wearing A Bra! 

H&M Launches Pre Fall Collection w/ FOXES


Who is Foxes… Foxes is an English singer and songwriter.

I love Summer but, as you all know Fall is my all time favorite season. Not only because its my birthday season but because of the fashion. Recently, The Karma Agency, who represents Simon Malls reached out to me about working with H&M on the launch of their new pre fall collection, Foxes. H&M, new fall clothes to me it was a win win. When I went in-store to see the collection I was delighted by that I saw. The Foxes line as H&M describes it is ” Foxes represents everything our Divided collection stands for: fun, quirky, and fashion! This is the perfect trend for the girl who loves a sporty and sexy look! The trend is called “Varsity” and it features many cool sport inspired pieces with stripes, bold graphics and team numbers.

Foxes collection is Nicole Richie meets Drake! ~Karima Renee

All in all the line is great, it literally has something for everybody. Its boho, its sporty, its sexy, its tough. Check out the look I chose from the collection below.  It was inspired by Lala Anthony, she’s my #wce #mogulcrush Continue reading

How To Dress An Apple Body Shape

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 11.12.51 PM

This week I’m teaching a class called ” Shop like a pro: Learn your body shape.” I love teaching women how to look great in clothes. The smiles on their face when they love what they see in the mirror or learn a new trick brings me true joy. So in prepping for my class I put together a few images of different outfits that compliment each body shape. I also broke them down into work-wear, weekend and date night categories.

This week we are starting with the Apple or Inverted Triangle body shape. Think Sherri Shepard, Wendy Williams and  Catherine Zeta Jones. Apple shapes carry their “weight” in the upper half of the body. They are the exact opposite to Pear shapes which carry their “weight” in the lower half of their bodies.’

One of the points I make in this class is the importance of knowing your measurements. That includes, bust, shoulders, waist, hips, and length (for inseams). This will not only help you when getting things altered and tailored but also during shopping.

If you are like me and you hate trying on clothes, the next best thing would be to keep a measuring tape with you at all times. That way you can measure the waist & hip of pants, dresses, and skirts when you are shopping. Although trying things is is best, though it can be annoying.

 A good clear indication that you are an apple shape is if your shoulders are 5 inches or more wider than your hips. Though your hips and thighs are smaller than your top half you are known for having gorgeous legs! And therefore I threw some dresses in with my 3 looks for my beautiful apple shaped readers! Check them out below.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 1.23.25 AM

Why the Work Look Works: I chose this mini aline dress for a few reasons:

  1. It shows off your legs.
  2. The shape of the dress isn’t tight but falls just enough away from the body to show your shape but hide any visible belly jelly.
  3. The print is fun but work appropriate. It also draws more attention to the hips and creates the illusion of more curves.

The jacket is polished and keeps your arms covered. The pump is good for the office or happy hour but can be worn with many things in your closet. Same as the handbag.

Why the Weekend Look Works:  If you want to be trendy this Fall then add sneakers or leather to your look. The sporty luxe trend thats exploded everywhere is perfect for weekend errands or social gatherings. I chose to pair denim and leather together to breakup the look. Doing denim on denim would be ok too, but adding texture to your bottom half creates balance and adds symetry to your body. The vest is a fall staple for some but, for you worn open will add visual interest to your look. Black is boring at times, red is passionate and vibrant. Chose a shoe (or carry both with you) and your ready for a playdate or a night with the girls.

Why the We Time/Date Night Look Works: By now you are getting the feel for how your body shape works and how to look great in your own skin. I love this dress by Kenzo. Mainly because of the feather detail but, also because any woman can rock this look, from 22 t0 42 to 62. What more could you want it in black baroque chicness. With your body shape everything you love about your body is revealed and what you don’t love is concealed! I’d say job well done to any dress that does that!

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 9.32.53 AM

Have more questions? Are you an Apple Girl and wants to try one of these looks? Send your pictures, questions, and comments to or tweet me @CurvyGirlStylis (leave out the t) with the hashtag #cgstalk 


Featured: May Issue Of Ebony Magazine

I have a confession! I have been keeping a secret from you all. I know I’m horrible but, there’s an announcement. I’m in this month’s issue of Ebony Magazine! Thats right I did the “interview” in January and now I’m in the May issue. I’m talking all about my tips on how to date intelligently online!  Since my recent breakup every week I post my tip of the week. Often times that tip is surrounding dating advice!


In the article it states that I’m dating someone, I’m no longer dating that person! I have a new guy that I’m interested in right now that I also met online. Our first date is this Thursday! Wish me luck.

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 3.27.13 PM

Instagrammin’ |@skinnyminority

For more of my dating diva tips be sure to check me out my videos link above and tomorrow on the Bro Talk Podcast at 10PM for a special talk “The State Of Dating.”

Happy Dating Ladies! xoxox