Featured: May Issue Of Ebony Magazine

I have a confession! I have been keeping a secret from you all. I know I’m horrible but, there’s an announcement. I’m in this month’s issue of Ebony Magazine! Thats right I did the “interview” in January and now I’m in the May issue. I’m talking all about my tips on how to date intelligently online!  Since my recent breakup every week I post my tip of the week. Often times that tip is surrounding dating advice!


In the article it states that I’m dating someone, I’m no longer dating that person! I have a new guy that I’m interested in right now that I also met online. Our first date is this Thursday! Wish me luck.

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For more of my dating diva tips be sure to check me out my videos link above and tomorrow on the Bro Talk Podcast at 10PM for a special talk “The State Of Dating.”

Happy Dating Ladies! xoxox


Dating Advice: When Should Ladies Pay

Well guess what the answer is definitely not never. Ladies at some point in the dating game you have to take the guy out. But why some of you may be asking? Find out my when, why, where and how in the video. Just click the video to watch.

What do you ladies think?  Have you paid for a date and if so when? Where did you take your guy? Share your dating stories, questions or comments below or email me at skinnyminority@gmail.com.

Dating Advice: What He Whats For Valentines Day

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I love Valentines Day, whether I’m in a relationship, dating or none of the above. I’m a hopeless romantic. i love love. So when valentines day is upon us I do something to celebrate the day. We all like to receive gifts especially us ladies. Yet, there is much joy in giving them as well. Believe it or not guys like to get gifts on Valentines day too! The retail industry and society as a whole makes it all about the woman. But love is a two way street! So here are some gives that you can “give your man” that will leave you both satisfied!

Happy Love Day! XOXOXO


  1. A Home Cooked Meal
  2. A Card
  3. Scotch, Congac & Cigars
  4. Spooning & His Favorite Movie
  5. Prime Tickets to a Sporting Event