The Philly Bra Lady Talks Career + Confidence


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Read all about Karima + How she came to be the Philly Bra Lady in Fluff Magazine. To find out more about Bundles and Bras follow her @Karima_Renee #ThePhillyBraLady on all social media.

On June 11th 2016 in Philadelphia, Pa I will be hosting the first Bundles & Bra’s Event with Luxury Hair Brand Indique. A year in the making, Bundles and Bras is the brainchild of  Karima Renee, aka The Philly Bra Lady.

Traditionally a woman’s crown and glory was just considered to be her hair. As with many things, much value and self worth is put on a woman physical appearance. But I believe a woman’s crown is not just what’s on her head but whats in it. On the flip side, I believe a woman’s glory is her bosom. Its the one thing that physically differentiates us from men. Also its a giver of life! As women we are the true givers of life, literally and figuratively.  

The event will be a 2 hour workshop and q&a on how taking care of your crown (bundles of hair included) is just as important as taking care of your glory aka your bras. Karima will also feature her bra bootcamp basics with a live bra fit demo. She will also show guest her secret to extending the shelf life of your bra and bundle hair.

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Her Top Tips For Career + Confidence


Your Purpose Must Trump Everything 


Confidence is my #1 Beauty Staple. It does more than a flawless face ever could. 

Read all about Karima + How she came to be the Philly Bra Lady in Fluff Magazine. To find out more about Bundles and Bras REGISTER HERE + follow her on all social media at @Karima_Renee #ThePhillyBraLady on all social media. 

Beauty Talk: Curlsfriends with Indique Philly

This past weekend I had the honor of hosting mega beauty brand INDIQUE’S #Curlfriends Philadelphia event. The store officially opened its doors just over a year ago and I’ve been working with them ever since. Being a natural, kinky, curly girl this event was very special to me. The purpose of Curlfriends was to educate women about the versatility of Indique extensions, particularly their Bounce Collections. The bounce collection houses some of  my personal favorite curls and is perfect for brown girls who are natural. Wavy or coily they have a curl for everyone. Checkout me and my curl friends out below.

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SMTV: Indique French Argan Hair Oil

Indique (In-Dee-ek) is a high end luxury extension line. Recently, I tried their line of products, below is my video review. Keep in mind that my review is honest and was not sponsored by Indique!  

Argan oil is a plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree (Argania spinosa L.), endemic to Morocco, that is valued for its nutritive, cosmetic and numerous medicinal properties.

Btw this 2oz bottle retails for $22 and worth every penny. Have any of you tired Indique products before? What about Argan Oils? Is anyone hooked on the stuff, I know some girls are addicted to it. And now I’am too! Don’t forget to keep up with my Indique hair journey vis Twitter and Instagram @SkinnyMinority

Indique French Argan Hair Oil

Indique French Argan Hair Oil