The Perfect White Jeans For Curvy Girls



“White makes you look bigger, so why would I want to put white on these hips and thighs?” I can’t tell you how often I hear this, still in 2014. You would think with all the technology and advances in the world  that women would have put this notion to rest by now. Unfortunately not. However, even as a stylist I realize the struggle is real. Finding the right pair of jeans can be a headache and finding white jeans can be equivalent to a migraine.  Last year I tried several brands and came up short. Not Your Daughters Jeans didn’t work, Gap Curvy didn’t work, Levis didn’t have my size (perviously a size 18/16), Old Navy didn’t have enough stretch and Torrid didn’t have any white jeans in the store.

Glory be to fashion a few weeks ago on an impluse shopping trip I found the perfect white jeans for curvy girls! You can thank me now!

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Best Jeans For Curvy Girls: Fantasy Jeans

First and foremast I’d like to say thank you to renowned women’s wear designer Tracey Reese. As I sit here and write this I literally just finished reading the April issue of Redbook. In my personal opinion, Redbook is the real world girl’s new lifestyle bible (watch out Instyle). Its ideas and pages are more realistic and attainable for women ie, things I can actually purchase. Anywho, in this issue the fashion section (which Tracy curates) was dedicated to the Fantasy Pant.

According to Tracy and her design team Fantasy Pants have these 3 identifiable qualities: 

  • Mid rise waist (sitting right at or above the belly button; curvy girl fav)
  • Slightly tapered (hello, skinny jean freak here!!!)
  • STRETCH ( who still buys 100% cotton?)
Me in My Madewell Jegging Skinnies, Fantasy Jeans

Me in My Madewell Jegging Skinnies, Fantasy Jeans

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Retail Review: Torrid Jeans

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 10.32.25 AM

In college and in high school I used to think I was a “jeans girls.” But with the recent leggings explosion and fullness of my thickness I thought that had changed. However, after looking through my closet last night I was quickly reminded that the label still sticks! Who knew… Anyway I try to be on top of anything curvy/plus girl fashion. I don’t know about you but, everybody and they mama has talked about the jeans at Torrid.

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Curvy Girls The Glass is Half Full: Shop For Jeans Pt. 1

What Does Your Jean’s Resume Look Like?  

 Curvy or not most women do not like shopping for jeans. Consult after consult, poll after poll it always tops the list as the #1 thing we hate to shop for. And I must say that I agree, shopping for jeans can be a conquest. Yet, once you commit to a brand that fits you as close to perfect as one can get it’s a done deal. If I had to I would compare the experience to pledging a sorority. The road to becoming a sister is rough, you are tested beyond measure but, once your thru your a sister for life. 

I like a few different brands, when I’m my smallest I like Madewell. At my thickest I like New York & Co. In-between and smallest I like Juicy Couture!

Out of the thousands of brands out there, these three are my favs! And believe me I’ve tried them all: Paige, True Religion, Joe’s, Levi,  The random brands at urban outfitters, J brand, Gap Curvy,  Forever 21 Plus, Ann Taylor/Loft, Limited (pretty ok), Citizen of Humanity, & Old Navy! The list could go on. I love jeans, and luckily I work in an industry where with the right jacket and accessories they too can be chic. However, I ,like you, have had a hard time buying the right fit. So with that in mind and Fall (jean shopping season) around the corner I took the liberty to do some fit testing to see what brands work for my fellow curvy and plus size girls.

Elle, an aspiring plus size model and I explored the following brands: Gap, Not Your Daughters Jeans, Fashion 2 Figure & Old Navy. Some newbie brands and  some oldies, here are the results. 

Gap’s Jegging

First up is Gap! Elle is about a 14 but can fit a size 12 depending on the jean. In a curvy girls world she doesn’t have a “stomach”, but her middle does giggle. She’s a true hourglass body shape. But don’t be mistaken her hips measure up to a voluptuous 49inches.

While at Gap we tried their Curvy Fit, Legging Jean (jegging), and Stretch Straight leg jean. Each style is sold in store up to size 16; online size 20. Here Elle wears a size 12 jean.

The Verdict

  •  The Curvy jean fit well but has a low rise. Constantly had to adjust jeans
  •  The Straight Leg jean was too tight thru hip and thigh. 
  • The Legging Jean was her favorite (pictured here). She liked the wash and the mid rise. She said the rise was great because she didn’t have to adjust  the waistband and could move freely without the fear of plumber’s crack. 

Not Your Daughter’s Jeans (NYDJ)

I, personally always wanted to try Not Your Daughters Jeans and see how they were different from most. Sold in Nordstrom they are sold in-store and online. Sizes vary, as they sell both petite and plus sizes. Both plus and petite sizes online go up to size 24.  The picture to the left is of Elle wearing their Jegging size 14.  

The Verdict 

  • At 5’7 the cropped jean was too short for lauren. It also made her look shorter and didn’t flatter her figure. 
  • Again the jegging won the battle against the cropped jean and straight leg. Elle said the jegging was the most comfortable and the material felt best against her skin

Old Navy Rockstar Jean

Elle insisted that we show you ladies Old Navy Rockstar Jean. As she is fond of this style. The rockstar jean is a skinny leg jean and is sold instore up to size 20 in non plus size section. 

The Verdict

  • This jean is low rise and not suited for girls like me with belly jelly.
  • Beware Elle is shown wearing these in a size 12, however she also tried them in a coral color and they did not fit at all. She would have had to go up to size 16 for them to fit her hips and thighs. Not All Rockstars are created equal. 
  • At a price point of $29 they are a good buy. 

Fashion To Figure

Fashion 2 Figure was the biggest surprise of the day. If your not familiar with the brand its an online brand with new retail spaces targeting young plus size women. In a sense its like the plus size version of Bebe. This is another brand where I wanted to try since they opened a store near Philadelphia. And so now I was testing it for you guys. While here we tried two different styles, The Cheetah Print Skinnies & The Super Stretch Skinny Jeans. Both priced at $38 and ranges from size 1x (12/14) – 3x(22). Elle is picture wearing the Super Stretch Jeans. 

The Verdict

  • The cheetah print jeans didn’t fit right at all and Elle refused to be photographed in them. She also said that they didn’t have enough stretch and the material looked and felt “cheap.”
  • The stretch skinny jeans were not successful either.  They fit on her body but as you can see the crotch and  in-seam fit incorrectly. It partially gives a mom jean look to the tummy and booty. 
  • Elle also said that although stretchy she found that waistband constantly had to be adjusted. 

As you can even in there own ad a few of their jeans and pants have crotch issues. Right? 

Elle said that the Gap Legging Jeans ($68) were her favorite jeans of the day. Her second best was Not Your Daugthers Jeans ($118) available at Nordstrom.

Elle In Gap

 Here are a few tips to take with you as shop for jeans this Fall
  1.  Beware of jeans with wiskering on the thighs, if you want to disguise them or slim them this is not the way to go; I still don’t understand why they make curvy jeans like this!!!!
  2. The darker the  wash the better, unless your looking for a colored jean.
  3. Always be mindful of the inseam and rise. If you have belly jelly you want to go for a mid rise jean instead of a low rise which will give you more a a stomach than you have.
  4. Read the inside labels, if there’s not at least 2% or more stretch I wouldn’t recommend buying them especially if you have thick thighs. 
  5.  Always pull the hips horizontal to test the stretch. You want that rubber effect. 

TIP: If your like me and you don’t like trying things on, always wrap the waist of  pants and skirts around your neck to test if it will fit. If you can wrap the waistline around completely where both not only touch but, you have 1-2 inches of extra material that piece of clothing will fit. Sounds crazy I know but it’s an old school trick. 

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