The Perfect Nursing Bra


What’s soft, new and has a wireless closure? The new Peach bralette. 

Designed for comfortable coverage, Peach has created the softest bra around to complement both a woman’s relaxed or busy lifestyle. More supportive than you’d suspect, it’s the perfect combination of function and femininity. It’s comfortable to sleep in and doesn’t ride up! The bralette is an ideal solution for nursing mothers, tweens, and/or teens.

How to wear it tip: Wear it around the house under your feel good hoodie or to bed with you favorite pjs.

Its made of a soft blend of micromodal. Has smooth adjustable straps that can be criss-crossed for racer back styles. Mommy and me yoga anyone? 

Easy Care Tip: Ditch the fabric softener or Woolite for hand washing in cold water with a cap full of baby shampoo (see video here). Its yours bra or bralette’s best friend. Its gentle and will kept the spandex in tack.   Plus its gentle on baby skin.

Busy mom with no time?  Machine Wash in delicates bag on gentle cycle cold water only. 

Sizes & Colors: This bralette ranges from sizes xxs-xxl with 0-2 being and xxs and xxl being an 16-18. It also comes in 3 fabulous colors  black, lavender, and of course peach. 

Want to get yours? Wishing you could take the stress out of nursing your baby? Or are you just looking for a more comfortable option for breast feeding? What about something  affordable? Contact me to order yours today. Or email me ( for a 10% discount offer, limited time only! 




What To Wear To Work: Summertime Editon

The countdown to summer is on! Once the month of May comes its only a matter of time before everyone is wearing shorts, tank tops and flip flops! But when the temps rise and humidity levels increase the question of what to wear to work comes up more often than usual. Check out this video on my top 3 recommendations on what to wear to work and stay cool when it’s hot outside.

The Perfect White Jeans For Curvy Girls



“White makes you look bigger, so why would I want to put white on these hips and thighs?” I can’t tell you how often I hear this, still in 2014. You would think with all the technology and advances in the world  that women would have put this notion to rest by now. Unfortunately not. However, even as a stylist I realize the struggle is real. Finding the right pair of jeans can be a headache and finding white jeans can be equivalent to a migraine.  Last year I tried several brands and came up short. Not Your Daughters Jeans didn’t work, Gap Curvy didn’t work, Levis didn’t have my size (perviously a size 18/16), Old Navy didn’t have enough stretch and Torrid didn’t have any white jeans in the store.

Glory be to fashion a few weeks ago on an impluse shopping trip I found the perfect white jeans for curvy girls! You can thank me now!

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Spring Trends: Orange Lips

Give Mama Some Color

Give Mama Some Color

One of the hottest beauty trends for Spring 2014 is ORANGE LIPS.  This is kind of amazing to me as my grandmother and auntie live for an orange lip. In fact that all they wore/wear. Having full pouty lips, that I had to grow into and now love, I steered clear of the color. Before for last year I was a soft pink, mauve, peach and nude lip girl. Now I’m experimenting with color, rocking everything from HOT PINK  to well orange.  Check out this video below where I give my orange lip recommendations for the lipstick meek and the bold.

Check out all of my Orange lip beauty picks for all skin tones, pigments, and color volume. Pencils, Crayons & Glosses!

Orange Lip Beauty Trends


Brand Collaboration: SM & Abbey Post

Recently I was asked by Abbey what are my fashion recommendations for women with Athletic body shapes ( inverted triangle). As you know its my passion to help women dress for the lives they want, so I was so excited to work with them. Here’s a sneak peak at the article.

Stylist Karima Renee of Skinny Minority suggests that you “try dresses with fuller skirts to create balance between the shoulders, bust, and hips.” Cynthia Schames agrees, “The key to inverted triangles wearing an A-line well is that you must belt it! The Kelly dress is a great choice, as it has a fit & flare silhouette that’s ultra-flattering.”

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Dating Advice: When Should Ladies Pay

Well guess what the answer is definitely not never. Ladies at some point in the dating game you have to take the guy out. But why some of you may be asking? Find out my when, why, where and how in the video. Just click the video to watch.

What do you ladies think?  Have you paid for a date and if so when? Where did you take your guy? Share your dating stories, questions or comments below or email me at