Dynamite Bomber Blazer At Work


Although I’m short I believe long lines look best on me. Not sure what long lines are? Think monochromatic looks (one color head to toe) or long jackets, even dresses. Too much color, too many pieces, or texture (velvet, embroidery or fur) on these curves and things quickly go array. Simple is best in my book. You don’t look over done or like you are trying too hard. Don’t get me wrong I like to have fun with fashion and wear trends but I know whats my style and whats not. 

So when I saw this amazing long olive unlined bomber inspired blazer I had to have it. As a stylist and professional bra fitter my job is considered creative. And when it comes to what to wear to work most people think anything goes. But thats not true. Thats definitely not my brand or my clientele. My girls expect me to not only be professional but fashionable… at all times. Which believe it or not can be challenging. Who want to be be cute and “beat face” in the rain? Not me! But when duty calls… I like to have pieces like this because although its very “on trend” its timeless. Anyone can wear this jacket from age 16 -60. Its all about the way you pair it. 

I know many of my readers, followers and even clients have non-creative or corporate jobs. So I wanted to style this look in a way which almost any woman can where it to work. 


I Started My Fashion Formula

  • Start with the Standout Piece = The Jacket 
    • Since the color is neutral now its time to add a pop
  • The Pop = Even though this look for work I wanted to add color. Color makes us feel happy. Pick a color that looks good on you. Try to avoid black, white, brown or grey. 


  • The Accessories = In this look the accessories really “ground” the look. They are all simple, black and have no embellishments.


  • The Bling = Im very minimal when it comes to accessories but I think they should definitely turn the volume up on your look. Whenever I wear this piece I get tons of compliments. Too much bling at work it not a good look. 
  • The Bra = The Elila Leopard Full Coverage Bra.  Its my favorite tee shirt bra at the moment. Its perfect to wear under sweater and knits. 


Thanks for reading. Be sure to share this with your coworkers and girl tribe to inspire them with their work looks. And follow me on all social media @karima_renee or #ThePhillyBraLady .

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