The Perfect Nursing Bra


What’s soft, new and has a wireless closure? The new Peach bralette. 

Designed for comfortable coverage, Peach has created the softest bra around to complement both a woman’s relaxed or busy lifestyle. More supportive than you’d suspect, it’s the perfect combination of function and femininity. It’s comfortable to sleep in and doesn’t ride up! The bralette is an ideal solution for nursing mothers, tweens, and/or teens.

How to wear it tip: Wear it around the house under your feel good hoodie or to bed with you favorite pjs.

Its made of a soft blend of micromodal. Has smooth adjustable straps that can be criss-crossed for racer back styles. Mommy and me yoga anyone? 

Easy Care Tip: Ditch the fabric softener or Woolite for hand washing in cold water with a cap full of baby shampoo (see video here). Its yours bra or bralette’s best friend. Its gentle and will kept the spandex in tack.   Plus its gentle on baby skin.

Busy mom with no time?  Machine Wash in delicates bag on gentle cycle cold water only. 

Sizes & Colors: This bralette ranges from sizes xxs-xxl with 0-2 being and xxs and xxl being an 16-18. It also comes in 3 fabulous colors  black, lavender, and of course peach. 

Want to get yours? Wishing you could take the stress out of nursing your baby? Or are you just looking for a more comfortable option for breast feeding? What about something  affordable? Contact me to order yours today. Or email me ( for a 10% discount offer, limited time only! 




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