His & Her Gift Ideas @ Phila. Mills Mall

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are organically my own. All photo credit and imagery provided in this post are owned by Skinny Minority Blog and Karima Renee.com. 

Second to my birthday Valentines Day is one of my all time favorite holidays. Call me a hopeless romantic if you want but I love, love. Commercialism aside, Valentines day is the perfect excuse to show someone just how much you love them, just because.

Not that long ago I told women what to get their guys for Valentines day. As I don’t think the day should be all about my fellow ladies. Men need to get some love too. Having said that, recently I partnered with Simon Malls, Philadelphia Mills Location to feature my favorite Valentines Day Gift Ideas for 2016. What I love most about “The Mills” is that you have designer brands at deep discounts as well as boutique sized big named retail brands. Here’s what I found at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Saks Off 5th and Neiman Marcus Last Call! 

  1. The Cards + Candy


Yes, I’m that girl. I love flowers, cards and candy! My favorite cards and stationary are from Papyrus. And did you know Papyrus cards are sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond? Well now you do! Hallmark who? 

2. Gift Basket


Bed, Bath & Beyond is the perfect place to get creative on a budget for Valentines Day. I made this basket with all the great finds I collected there. Its my version of a his and hers (naught and nice) gift basket. Children exit stage right! Here’s whats inside: Pink blind fold, bullet shaped flask, feather duster, 750 thread count silk sheets, mens grooming kit and edible chocolate sauce. Share if you dare.


3. Fragrance


What’s sexier than the scent of a man? or Woman. Saks off 5th has THE best deals and steals on designer fragrances.  And with the granutee of Saks you know your getting the real deal. 

4. Cocktails

And so sometimes its good to think outside of the box and give a difference type of forever gift. When I saw these jewelry inspired cocktail glasses I knew they would be a great unique gift. I suggest giving these with a bottle of her favorite wine, champagne or vodka. 


Neiman Marcus Last Call

5. Jewelry


 Want to know the real way to a man’s heart besides food? A Watch. Its truly of go the only accessories they can wear and many men like to go all out with their wrist wear. This navy faced option is great for the man who rocks a blue suit or who works blue collar. 

If you know me you know I love a good stacked bangle moment. I also love Alexis Bitter anything. His jewelry designs are amazing but his prices not so much. Neiman’s Last Call has a great selection of jewelry for valentines day. Diamonds and rare gems included. 


6. Lingerie

FullSizeRender-3Last but certainly not least is lingerie. I wouldn’t be #ThePhillyBraLady if I didn’t suggest great fitting sexy lingerie for Valentines day. I was totally impressed with the selection NMLC had. Not only did they have great brands but a vast range of sizes and styles. Lingerie is a must have item for Valentines day.  

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