Strapless Bras: Holiday Edition

As the holiday’s approach many of us gals are gearing up for everything from cocktail parties, festive office gatherings, grand galas and even evening weddings. And as you peruse the mall and sites like you will quickly (or slowly) find the perfect dress or jumpsuit to wear to one of these great events. Sadly for many of my gals out there the right bra and or spanx are never a priority to shop for (we have to do better ladies). Well search no further the Philly Bra Lady is here to help. Here are my 3 top strapless bras  for sizes B-G and beyond!  

Holiday Essentials: Strapless Bras
  • No straps equals less support. Ideally you want to find a long line strapless bra. The larger band can makes up for not having straps.
  • If you wear a 38 DD or above the best support is long line (corset like) strapless bra, sorry ladies
  • Many run a cup size larger so unless you are very familiar with the brand you need to be prepared to try them on! If you are buying online, please purchase 2-3 sizes going up in the band and cup. (i.e. I wear a 34H Cup so I would order, 34H, 36G & 34G)

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