Can you believe the first day of Fall is in just a few days! Where did the summer go I ask myself. An though there is a part of me that hates to see the Summer go, I LOVE FALL.  I love the touch of crispness in the air, the amazing running weather, and most of all I LOVE THE FASHION.  In fact I’ve already started to change my beauty routine from nudes to berry lips and I’ve started a bit of shopping too. 

Heres the fashion breakdown for the first week of FALL! I’m calling this one the September Edit! All the things to buy and wear now! 

The September Edit
1. THE BRA: I wouldn’t be the Philly Bra Lady if I didn’t tell you to get a new bra! Too many of us ladies don’t make purchasing a new bra a priority! New Season, New Bra!
2. THE BAG: Drawstring bags are hot for Fall! So if you like to be on trend try this investment piece from Henri Bendel. Plus this one comes in the new “Dried Herb” Color for 2015!
3. TWEED: Did you know that tweed is back with a vengeance? This skirt is the perfect feminine update to such a classic fabric. Rock it with moto boots, pumps or booties. 
4. SOMETHING GREY: Trust me when I tell you that grey is the next hot neutral. Be the first or at least be a trend leader. THIS IS THE THING TO TRY. 
5. THE BOOTIE:  Who doesn’t love booties in the fall. Its like the perfect pump and boot had a child. Sleek, comfortable and work approved! We got ourselves a winner.
6. THE FRINGE: It’s everywhere! Last year it was leather, this year its suede and fringe! So why not get 2 for 1! 2 Trends in one great boot. 
7. THE BLAZER: If you don’t have one or you need to update or donate your old one this is a good place to start. Modern, yet classic. 

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