The Real Reason Your Bra Doesn’t Fit

Picture C/O Of Glamour Magazine

Picture C/O Of Glamour Magazine

Early last week an article that was posted on CNN was brought to my attention. The title of the article, Plus size Models Sell More Bras. So naturally I had to read it and come back to you with my thoughts and feelings. 

First, I’d like to go on record saying that I LOVE lingerie and quite frankly, I wish more women shared this passion. However, being a professional stylist and consultant I’ve noticed that many women have a distorted view of what their bodies actually look like.  And that can make things like shopping for lingerie either extremely hard or non existent. But what’s more is that I’ve learned, in general, women know very little about lingerie, foundation garments, bra’s and even their breast.

So as I read this article and watched the accompanying video I realized that beyond who sells more bras, whats more important is the why.

Ashley Gram C/O

Ashley Gram C/O

 The study in the article was conducted by NYC based lingerie start up Adore Me. The study showed that women prefer to purchase lingerie from plus-size brunette models. 

The :30 spot with the plus-size model quadrupled online sales when compared to the ad featuring blondes. And the boost in sales wasn’t just from women buying plus sizes.

So that got me to thinking, did the sexy voluptuous model look like the picture below

Ashley Gram For Lane

Ashley Graham For Lane

I choose to use the two pictures above because they feature the same model. Mega sex symbol, plus size model and curvy girl advocate, Ashley Graham. At first glance all consumers see is a beautiful Latina woman in a sexy bra. And as a consumer, women want to evoke, attract, and envelop all of what she does.  But the more I look at the photo I realize one major issue. Her bra doesn’t fit correctly. Before you scroll back up or even mentally respond lets think about what Don Draper (Mad Men’s Lead Man) would say advertising really is…

Wikipedia defines it as…

Advertising (or advertizing)[1][2][3] is a form of marketing communication used to persuade an audience to take or continue some action, usually with respect to a commercial offering, or political or ideological support.

Simply put, buy the bra, become the woman. Buy the bra, become sexier. Buy the bra, get the boobs. Buy the bra fulfill/provide the fantasy. BUY THE BRA! BUY THE BRA! BUY THE BRRRRAAAAA!

You get the picture. Like all companies they are selling you a fantasy. But as a devoted women’s advocate I want to give you more than a fantasy but a sexier reality. I want you to know what’s real and whats not. I give my clients a look that’s achievable for the skin their in.

But take look at what lingerie companies give you.

Picture C/O

Sexy? Her Cup Runneth Over!

Do you find this ad sexy? I think she’s sexy, the pose is sexy but, the fit of her bra is not.  However, she does fit the profile of the Adore Me study. She is plus-size, brunette and voluptuous. But, I wouldn’t buy this bra simply because she does not look good in it. Even a push up bra shouldn’t push your breast out of the bra. Yet, because of lack of knowledge you better believe there is some woman in your office, nail salon, train, mommy and me group or church walking around with the dreaded double bubble boob. Thats just reality. And guess what gals it ain’t sexy. 

But knowledge is power and I want you to be empowered the next time you buy a bra. Below I have listed my secrets to the perfect bra fit and pictures to show you what that looks like. If you have a question, or like to get a bra fitting with me email me at Want more Curvy Girl Stylist Tips? Subscribe and follow me on Instagram @karima_renee. 

Picture C/O

Picture C/O

 Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Are my straps to tight or too loose? Do they dig or fall off my shoulders?
  2. Do my cups gap on the sides?
  3. Is my band too tight or too loose?
  4. I’m a spilling out of the cups at all?
  5. Is my underwire digging into my rib cage?

If you answered YES to any of these questions your bra is not fitting correctly! Check out these pictures of the same model wearing two different fitting bras. One that fits correctly and one that does not. 

Picture A (c/o of

Picture A (c/o of

Picture B (c/o of

Picture B (c/o of

Which bra fits correctly? Its picture B. Picture B is the reality of what a great fitting bra should look like. There is cleavage but nothing is bulging or spilling out or over. In picture A there is too much cleavage and over time the bra will sag from wear and tear. Especially because the bra didn’t fit right from the start of wearing.

Ads like picture A give women a false idea of what their bra and their breast should look like in a bra. To avoid falling victim to advertising and get the most out of your bra watch my video and read the tips below. 

  1. Always allow 2 rest days in between wearing your bra and always wear them on the first set of hooks for the first 6-12 months.
  2. Its best to hand wash your bras with baby shampoo but, if you don’t have time please purchase a lingerie garment bag for machine washing.
  3. Always AIR DRY YOUR BRAS.  Either lie them flat or hang them on a hanger. 
  4. When storing your bras always lie them flat, don’t fold.
  5. Try to purchase 1-2 bras every 3 months.

Remember the great Don Draper said…

Advertising is based on one thing, happiness. And you know what happiness is? Its freedom from fear. Its the smell of a new car. Its a billboard on the side of the road that screams reassurance that what you are doing is okay. You are ok. 

I know that as a consumer seeing someone with similarities makes me want to make a purchase. Ie. plus size models definitely sell me more bras. Seeing similarities evokes empathy. I’m a curvy girl. But in turn I know my bra will not always look identical to the plus models in magazines and billboards. Why, because I have long boobs and thats just that. But I’m okay with my long boobs. I know that I’m okay. My breast are ok! Some people think they are great! You are okay too. And with the right fitting bra (and my tips) your boobs will be okay. And if your boobs are ok, well my dear… thats happiness. And you don’t need an advertising fantasy to get that!

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