How To Dress For A Funeral?

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When I told my friends and family I was prepping for this post they all said, What? Why? What kind of questions do your readers send you! In your defense I replied, ” Well a funeral is a life specific  occasion. Grim and sad as they may be, its something we all experience. And yes what to wear, depending on the circumstance can be one of your top 10 questions concerning the event. In fact did you know that what to wear to a funeral service is one of the top 5 most Googled style questions on the net? Grim and sad as it might be I thought that was pretty cool. So here’s what I’m proposing you wear to one of life’s most un-welcomed occasions. And yes it’s black. 



One of my must have items for Fall is a jumpsuit. Over the past year I’ve been looking for a perfect black jumpsuit. In my search I’ve faced my normal challenges, finding something made well that complements my body and that I can wear with a bra.  

This one from Macy’s by Rachel Roy was perfect. So when I was thinking of what to wear for this post “How To Dress For A Funeral” I wanted to be respectful but creative.


Jumpsuit, Rachel Roy For Macys | Shoes, Nude Pump | Clutch, Aldo (old) | Blouse, Gap (old) (similar)

Black is THE go-to color for all things funeral. But I doubt if many of you who have or plan on purchasing a jumpsuit would have thought too wear one to a funeral. Here’s why it works:

  • Universally Flattering. Pretty much anyone can wear a jumpsuit. 
  • Work appropriate. Many funerals are held during the week; if you attend a service to support a friend and plan on returning to work a jumpsuit like this is a great option.
  • Can be worn all year long. Here I layered this jumpsuit over a sheer blouse under the jumpsuit. However,  you can layer a white button up shirt or wear as is.



The key is you want to be dressed-up enough to show respect but nothing too flashy. Don’t want to wear all black, try colors like deep plums, navies and hunter green.

Have more questions? Has this post has inspired you to try a jumpsuit or to wear something unexpected to a funeral service, I want to know. Send your pictures, questions, and comments to or tweet me @CurvyGirlStylis (leave out the t) with the hashtag #cgstalk 


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