Service: Closet Cleaning Sale

Good Morning Facebook Fam! Fall is officially here! it may be 70 degrees where you are but, now is the perfect time to audit your closet and I’m here to help. Book your Closet Cleaning Using the Special Sale and get 30% off.


1. Divide & Conquer: If you haven’t worn it in a year, or it still have the tags on it, then you probably won’t wear it ever.

2. Edit: Identify which garments you feel fabulous in, and which don’t stand the flatter test. Anything that you don’t love the way you look in needs to go. You should always feel your best when getting dressed!
3. Organize: When you’re ready to hang everything back up, turn the hangers the opposite way. When you wear an item and put it back, face the hanger the correct way, and at the end of a year, you can see which items you didn’t wear at all.
4. Photo a Favorite: Create an outfit that you just love? Photograph yourself in it and keep an album of your favorite looks so you’re never wondering what to wear!
5. Strut Your Stuff: Prepare to shop your closet for forgotten gems and old faves. Together we can find great things for you to wear all summer long!

No time to do it all yourself, thats where I come in! From now until Oct 22nd book our Closet Cleaning and RECEIVE 30% OFF. I promise this service will be the best 4 hours of your closet’s life! To book now online or for more information click here or visit of services page.

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