Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight

Dear Guys & Dolls,

First, I would like to extend my deepest apologies for not updating in almost a month. I hope you can forgive me. I’m in the process of jump starting my styling career and moving into new sectors of fashion. Yet, thats no reason to have neglected my faithful readers for so long. If its any constellation, you all were in my thoughts.  And to show you just how much I appreciate your loyalty I came back baring gifts.

If you follow me on Instagram (@skinnyminority) then you know I have been on a weight loss journey for 18 months. Part of that journey has been incorporating the foods I love into my weekly or daily diet; fatty, sugary and all that in between.  It may not be conventional but, it has helped me to keep my sanity. Ice cream, Chocolate, Candy and Cookies have been apart of my “diet” and I plan to keep it that way. Eva Longoria says she loves pizza and she eats it once a week! I think thats amazing.  Like most women I crave chocolate often. And to be quite frank, I’ll take it in a 6’foot frame or a bite size 80 calorie package. I’m not a low fat kinda girl. I’d rather have a little bit of full fat flavor than a lot of low fat, low carb, low sugar anything. So for my girls out there who love chocolate and sugar, but are watching their calories or their thighs here are my 3 favorite chocolate treats. Summer just got sweeter.



80 Calories of Greatness

80 Calories of Greatness




Great for on the go

Great for on the go



My Favorite Shake

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