Fashion Facts Every Woman Should Know

Veronica & Me

Veronica & Me

  1. Not all blazers are created equal. They are also not all meant to be buttoned. The bigger the boobs the more buttons it should have.
  2. Belt and Bags should always match. Shoes and bags should coordinate but do not have to match.
  3. If the pants are not the correct length you MUST have them hemmed. Your pants should not bunch too much or drag on the ground. EVER.
  4. Depending on the occasion one must take caution when bearing cleavage. Anything past two buttons is too much.
  5. Showing your bra straps is ok, as long as they are sexy. Showing your panties is NEVER sexy.
  6. Every woman needs a pair of gold hoop, sliver hoop and stud earrings.
  7. When your not feeling confident, wear one color from head to toe. Any color expect neon.
  8. Square toe shoes are dead. End of Story.
  9. Be aware of proportions. Know when the lenses of your glasses are too big/small for your face or if a belt is too skinny for your boobs or waist.
  10. Invest in a tailor… just do it. You will thank me later.

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