Dating Advice: Single Girl EMT

Not all dates go as planned. Some are just awful and end sooner than expected. While others end up never ending but, in good way. Let the good times roll right? And as I write this Beyonce and her most recently coined phrase “I woke up like this” come to mind. Gotta love pop culture and its overwhelming influence in our lives. Anway, over the weekend I went on a date and ran into some unexpected scenarios. And so it got me to thinking where was my EMT and how come I don’t have one? Because after a magical night of milkshakes, mishaps and smudged mascara, I needed to be revived. Here’s a quick recap of what happened.

7:15PM- Pickup

7:35PM- Wonderful Italian Dinner (way off the no carb thing, but worth it)

9:22PM- Milkshake craving conquered (his idea I swear)

10:15PM- Public hand holding

10:30PM – I receive text from bff that his grandmother has passed away


10:45PM- Decide to go see Godzilla…(wtf, I know)

11:10PM- The movie starts

1:32AM- Movie ends

1:37AM-Time Check, OMG OMG

2:07AM- Kissing Commences in car

2:10AM- He invites me in

2:45AM-Kissing Restarts on couch

Sunday Morning….

I woke like this and not in a good way. Someone please que Beyonce. Not only am I a bad friend but also I look like who, what, where! Thank goodness I was fully clothed, bra straps still intact and nothing happened. But drunk or not (I was not) I had to remove yesterdays face and refresh and regroup. I had an emergency on my hands, I had to get to my best friend. But where was my EMT? I didn’t have one. How many times has this happened to us? Your night doesn’t turn out as planned and you have somewhere to be in the morning and you have no time to go home. This happens all too often with dates and that’s why I have “created” the EMT, Emergency Maintenance Tote. So what is an EMT? In single girl world it’s a quick list of things you need to quickly look good after a long night. The items are small enough to fit in most purses and oversized clutch bags yet all your bases for a quick fix are covered. Smash it all into a Ziploc bag or a fancy makeup case and stash it in your car for emergencies. Here’s what in the tote.

Clean Undies Not Shown, I Keep It Classy

Clean Undies Not Shown, I Keep It Classy

EMT| Makeup Remover, mouthwash, toothbrush, Vaseline, Origins Depuffery Gel, Olay wipes, face mist, hair brush or comb, clean panties (not shown).

It may seem like a lot but trust me you need these things, in travel size of course. Because we may be beyond sloppy one night stands, hung over cab rides home and walk of shames but, at the end of the day everything is real. And in reality we want him and the rest of the world to think, we woke up like this! At least for now!

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