The Perfect White Jeans For Curvy Girls



“White makes you look bigger, so why would I want to put white on these hips and thighs?” I can’t tell you how often I hear this, still in 2014. You would think with all the technology and advances in the world  that women would have put this notion to rest by now. Unfortunately not. However, even as a stylist I realize the struggle is real. Finding the right pair of jeans can be a headache and finding white jeans can be equivalent to a migraine.  Last year I tried several brands and came up short. Not Your Daughters Jeans didn’t work, Gap Curvy didn’t work, Levis didn’t have my size (perviously a size 18/16), Old Navy didn’t have enough stretch and Torrid didn’t have any white jeans in the store.

Glory be to fashion a few weeks ago on an impluse shopping trip I found the perfect white jeans for curvy girls! You can thank me now!

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 1.55.16 AM

Its no secret that my favorite jeans of all time are by Madewell (pictured above). I don’t know what it is and how they make their jeans so perfect but, they are…perfect.

What Makes These White Jeans Perfect? In a pervious post I talked about my Fantasy Jeans (also Madewell) and what makes for the perfect/fantasy pair of jeans. Check that out at the link above, get the deets on my new perfect white jean look below.

Shades On...

Shades On…


Black & Yellow | Black & Yellow | Black & Yellow| Black & Yellow | Black & Yellow

Black & Yellow | Black & Yellow | Black & Yellow| Black & Yellow | Black & Yellow

Deets of My Look 

I Love These Shoes

I Love These Shoes

Don’t have a Madewell in your area? Check out my other Perfect White Jean Picks for you and your curves. All price points and a range of sizes. I want to make sure this season you rock white just right! Have more white denim questions, comment below, contact above or Tweet me @SkinnyMinority!

Best Plus size White Jeans


Photos by Robert Carter For R.Carter Photography.


5 thoughts on “The Perfect White Jeans For Curvy Girls

  1. PGrecycle says:

    Hi Karima! Love this post. I’m not a plus size girl however I got curves and the struggle is still there lol. Have you tried Lee? I know… right?! But before you play back all the memories of the ‘mom jean’ Lee has stepped their game up. I attend a Mom Mixer event and Lee was there with ohh so many colors, fits and styles. Providing on site styling for those who signed up. My BFF (hard to please & fit) size 18 found her now FAV pair of jean. I stepped out of my comfort zone into some color with a pair mint skinny ankle length…I wouldn’t have gave them a second thought! But the colors and styles were awesome 🙂

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