What To Wear On A Lunch Date: Erika of YCS


Knowing Erika She Just Might Be Sneaking In A Pre-Date #Selfie!

Earlier this week, in my latest video, I talked about a coffee date being a good first or pre date meet-up. I like to call this a coffee consultation. When you think about it, a first date or a meet up is exactly like a business consultation. By definition a consultation is the action or process of formally consulting or discussing. On a date you are discussing each other, that is, essentially how we get to know one another. Who’s following me?  And so another type of meeting that business and personal relationships have in common is the infamous lunch date. Typically done during business hours this type of date can be a bit challenging in terms of what to wear. Most certainly for us gals. Since your at work how sexy or “cute” can you be? Does one change from flats to heels? Is a red lip appropriate for the afternoon? Can/should I have a glass of wine?

To help us tackle this dating challenge I reached out to friend of the blog and brand Erika McDaniel of Your Chic Is Showing.com (YCS).

 In her words…

I always want to feel comfortable on a date and I feel at my best when I’m wearing a dress. This one is made out of a comfortable jersey fabric so it’s perfect to wear to an afternoon matinee of a play downtown or for a stroll through a park (with flats, of course!); I can focus on my date and not tugging on my dress. The flattering color makes my skin glow (another confidence boost) and the jacket is ideal for transitional spring weather.


Deets Of Her Look 

  • Dress: J Crew
  • Belt: Mossimo for Target
  • Jacket: Avenue
  • Shoes: G by Guess
  • Bag: Gucci
  • Necklace: Michael Kors
  • Bracelet: Towers of Jewels
  • Rings: Bauble Bar & Urban Outfitters


Before you clock out and spring over to your next lunch dat here are the answers to those questions that we tossed around the the top of the post.

  • Cute vs. Sexy – If you are in fact at work, go for cute and chic, like Erika! You can’t lose your job for this guy, especially before you get married, lol (JUST JOKING)
  • Flats vs. Heels– I’m bais to heels on dates. However, if your not comfortable in heels don’t wear them. Please don’t! Thank you.
  • Bold Lips– Hot pink is better for the day time in my expert opinion but, there are exceptions to every rule. Again if red is your everyday lip go for it. If you’re even bolder and want to do a neon pink lip, swipe once for a lip stain look. Remeber with makeup, especially during the day, less is more.
  • Water or Wine – Us New York gals would toally have wine but, again if you’re on the clock this is a NO NO. If you do decide to sip the vino pino, 2 glass max.

Want more date look inspiration, type “date” in the search box above and our little black book of options will pop up. Want more of Erika’s chicness, check her out on her blog Your Chic Is Showing and on Instagram @YourChicIsShowing.

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