Add Color To Your Work Wardrobe


The topic of what to wear to work is one that plagues many women every day. And quite frankly it can get exhausting. If you are a mommy you’re getting yourself and the kid(s) ready. If your a wife or girlfriend you’re getting you, him and them ready (them definitely includes pets). Even as a stylist I tire of getting ready. Thinking about the shoes, the accessories, the hair…ugh! Being a girl takes work, lets face it. Luckily, and also as a stylist, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make being a girl fun again. At least when it comes to getting dressed. And as spring SLOWLY approaches and the sun shines just a little bit brighter for a little while longer we’re breaking out the COLOR!


Spring is the perfect time to start wearing color, especially to work. Wearing color has been proven to lift the spirit and make us feel better. Yet, for some reason people, really just us girls, think black, white, brown, navy and gray are the only professional looking colors. Whatever that means! Well ladies listen up, its not about the color its about the piece and how you wear it. Here are my simple steps to brighten up your office and the details of my look.

  • Don’t be afraid to use accessories. Purchasing a bag in a color that pops is ideal for those ladies who would never commit to a pair of hot pink pants or a red shift dress.
  • Bold color pant suits are in this season. I’m currently looking for the perfect one for us curvy girls. When I find it you ladies will be the first to know. You can wear it together or separate.
  • Shoes are a great place to start adding color, prints and texture in the work place. The great thing about shoes is that they come in many different shades, styles, and shapes. From platforms to slingbacks and fancy flats you can always update a look with pretty shoes. In my look I chose to have the most fun with my shoes. They have both bold color and texture.


Deets Of This Look 

  • Vegan Faux Leather Shell- Cabi Fall/Winter
  • White Crop Top- Arden B. (yes I snuck that in)
  • Black Slacks/Cassidy Fit- The Limited
  • West 57th Street Satchel- Henri Bendel
  • Mixed Snakeskin Pump- Deena & Ozzie (urban outfitters, old)
  • Necklace- Nordstorm

There are many ways to wear color at work but, I find doing it with accessories is the easiest. Dig into your closet, play with some colors and have fun. Just don’t don’t it in the morning before work, lol. Need suggestions on where/how to start or what colors to wear, make the contact above, comment below or hit us up on Twitter @SkinnyMinority! Ladies I got your back!

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