What to Wear On a 3rd Date

Think of the 3rd date like third base in baseball. For those who are unfamiliar with the game, its the last base before home. So congratulations you’ve made it to the 3rd date single lady! Hopefully by now you know your date a bit better than you did on the first date and have delved past surface questions. The 3rd date is a decidedly more special then the first and second, its where all the each dater can either backslide or swing at the pitch!

Getting to the 3rd date is an accomplishment, especially in today’s dating arena. And therefore it should be celebrated with the LBD, little black dress!

This shot so reminds me of the Micheal Jackson Off The Wall Cover

This shot so reminds me of the Micheal Jackson Off The Wall Cover

You’re not going to have sex, your just going to look like it. The dress is just the trailer

~Sex In The City


  1. Don’t show too much skin, stay covered. Men like mystery and illusion
  2. Find a dress with a cut that flatters your body.  
  3. Travel light and take a clutch. Nothing’s worst than carrying a large purse when you are dressed up.
  4. Wear heels you can walk in! Now is not the time to wear the heels you hate or can’t walk in for more than a block. 
  5. Be confident and let the dress do the work.

IMG_8321 IMG_8323

Photo Feb 21, 1 58 48 PM


  • Dress-Forever 21+ I’m wearing an XL (found here)
  • Shoes- Elizabeth and James (old) (similar here)
  • Purse- Besty Johnson (old) 
  • MUA- B. Wilson For B. Wilson Beauty

An Instyle Mag pole stated that embellishments are women’s favorite texture to rock for Spring 2014. What’s your’s? What do you think of this as a 3rd date look? Too much embellishments? What have you worn on a 3rd date? Share your thoughts, opinions and stories below or email me at skinnyminority@gmail.com.

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