Wear Neon to Work: Sporty LuxeTrend

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One of the most interesting trends for Spring 2014 is the sporty luxe look. I have to admit when I first saw the trend on the runways a few years ago I was not impressed.  I super feminine. If I could raid Joan Of Mad Men’s wardrobe closet I would.  Sports and I have never gotten along. But, when I saw this skirt in Forever 21 I just had to have it; it was love at first sight.

Since this is a pencil skirt I believe it can be worn several ways and to many places. Including the office. As a stylist my work environment is more relaxed than a corporate one. However, it may be perfect for a casual friday outfit for you.

IMG_1318 copy


  • Sports Coat/Vest| Cabi (fall/winter)
  • Slik Blouse| Elie Tahari
  • Belt| Ann Taylor
  • Skirt| Forever 21 (old)
  • Shoes| Shoemint (old)
  • Watch| Swatch
  • Handbag| Steve Madden (old)

Although anyone can wear this look I was thinking about the fashionable girl on the go. The 9-5 beauties, entrepreneur powerchicks, and savvy working moms. Women who want to show their personality through their clothes but are unsure of how far to push their office dress code. Having that in mind,

I made sure this look had a healthy dose of fun and professionalism.
Tada! The neon stripe and scuba material of the skirt add a whimsical element to the look. The pumps are neon as well but, the (shoe) style is classic.

I love silk blouses and this one from Tahari is a staple in my wardrobe, it even has stretch. However, you can wear a classic tailored button shirt or in warmer weather a stylish tee shirt.

TIP: Pushing your sleeves up will make you look leaner. Its a great way to show a bit more skin.

IMG_1239 copy

The waist coat (or vest) is the professional element to the look. The color and style are very sophisticated. You could very well wear a blazer with this look but, the waist coat is unexpected.

TIP: Longer blazers and vest also help to elongate the body and look amazing on all body types. Especially curvy girls. 


IMG_1289 copy

Want to rock neon or the sporty trend this season? I say go for it! Need outfit ideas or encouragement? Comment below, contact me above at MAKE THE CONACT  or send me a tweet @skinnyminority on Twitter.

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