What To Wear On A First Date


Just in time for the weekend I’m talking about what to wear on a first date. Monday I announced that I’m recently single again and I wanted to share my journey dating in the city with you. I’m doing it all from Happy Hours to Online Dating, I want to leave no stone unturned. And I must say that being so proactive has lead to a few dates, some were successful, some not so much.

SIDEBAR: Did you know that 40% of interactions that women initiate are successful? I found that pretty interesting!

Anywho, as a style expert and active dater (over the course of my life) first date dressing should be simple. Yes you want to put your best foot forward and show your date your personality but, tread with caution.  Here’s your date night basics:

1. MAKEUP| Less is more! Its fine if you LOVE makeup but please understand that most men don’t. Recently, I did a poll via instagram and the number one mistake men think we make on dates is wearing too much makeup. If you look fake, greasy, sculpted or like a different person, its too much. And no lashes, especially ones that either a drag queen, street walker or show girl would wear. The man likes you, not all your beauty accessories.

Getting Ready

Getting Ready

HAIR| Keep is fresh, a blow out or some dry shampoo can do wonders! I wear extensions a lot but i keep them sexy, fresh and sweet smelling for dates. Men love when your hair smells good and trust me when you hug (either at the end of the beginning of the date) he will smell your hair!


WARDROBE| Although I love a dress, I equally love jeans just as much and you know what else, so do guys! Besides leggings (which are a no go according to guys, they say they’re too casual) your butt will never look better than in an amazing pair of jeans. I’m partial to Madewell, Torrid and Target but you find what works for you.


All in all my secret recipe for the perfect first date look includes the following:


  • Good butt jeans
  • Heels
  • Something red (men like heels and lingerie in red and black)
  • Minimal Makeup
  • Sweet smelling Hair
  • Manicure (men so pay attention to your hands, trust me)

Overall my look is fitted and simple. From my tailored blazer to my good butt Cabi jeans I can do just about anything in this outfit. Dinner, drinks, bowling or even go carts. Men like their ladies pretty but prepared. So be ready for where ever the night may take you, try my secret sauce you may find yourself in love!


So what are your date night go to looks? Any date look disasters? Share your thoughts and stories below. Thanks for reading ladies and for more tips and stylist secrets follow me on Instagram and Twitter @SkinnyMinority.

Photo Credit| Shawn Rivers

MUA| B. Wilson for Just B Beautiful 

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