Men, Sex, & Fashion: Our Single Girls V-Day Event

MEN, SEX, & FASHION: Our Single Girls V-Day Event

Calling All Single Ladies…

Who says Valentine’s Day is just for couples? On February 14th, Skinny Minority and Pink Label Beauty hosts a special Valentine’s Day event, Men, Sex, and Fashion for Philadelphia single women. Touted as the “Ultimate Single Girls Valentine’s Day Event”, Men, Sex and Fashion will give single women exactly what they desire on Valentine’s Day–love, sex, fashion, fun, and encouragement.

Men, Sex, and Fashion was created to celebrate single women on Valentine’s Day with a special evening in a sexy and fun atmosphere. Pink Label Beauty, a luxurious Philadelphia boutique specializing in hair and make-up, serves as the perfect venue as women learn from the Men, Sex and Fashion experts how to date, love, and dress for the life you want.

“Valentine’s Day is no longer a holiday just for couples,” says Skinny Minority founder Karima Renee, “It’s a day about love so why not spend it with the women you love? Men, Sex, and Fashion is an evening of women reveling in our ability to have an amazing time whether single OR in a relationship.”

“You don’t need to be in a relationship to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Ultimately, it’s about love and self-love is paramount!” adds Pink Label Beauty’s Yolanda Keels-Walker.

Men, Sex, and Fashion will begin with a cocktail reception at 7:00pm. Introductions, conversation, and a Q&A to round out a fabulous evening for single women. Tickets will be available for sale online starting January 13th on Skinny Minority andPink Label Beauty websites. A General Admission ticket includes a cocktail and cupcake reception, style chat, and sexy giveaways. A VIP Admission ticket includes VIP gift bag, VIP seating, a cocktail and cupcake reception, style chat, and sexy giveaways.

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