Beauty Tip Of The Week : Vaseline On Lashes

This weeks beauty tip comes from Oraph’s re-nowed makeup artist Reggie Wells. Several years I read an article where he said he often used Vaseline on Halle Berry’s eyelashes!!!!!images

Why you might ask? Vaseline can actually act like a mascara, making lashes fuller and bolder. However, it is not magically so don’t expect it to work like your favorite drugstore brand of mascara, it won’t. However, I find that it is great for running errands or outings with when you want to be put-together and natural.

The good news is it can also be worn under mascara. I wore it under mine yesterday and it was perfect. I wanted to look polished but not too done.  You simply apply lightly with finger tips or or with a Q-tip, I perfer to use my fingers. Try it and tell us how it worked.

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