Most Common Makeup Mistakes


Often times getting your makeup right can be as tricky as picking out the right pair of jeans. As stylist our clients always ask us questions about how to get their makeup just right, especially during holidays and special occasions!  Here are a few of the most common mistakes we as women make when it comes to makeup. Check out the list, take notes and hit the cosmetic isle with confidence. NEW YEARS EVE 2013 WE PROMISE TO SPARKLE MORE AND CONTOUR LESS!

1. Not using Lip Liner: It keeps your lip color “put” and last longer

2. Wearing too heavy eyelashes: If your not on stage then your lashes should look as natural as possible.

3. Not blending contour lines: Most women don’t need to contour or sculpt their features. Friend of the blog and makeup artist Benjamin John, says instead highlight your nose, cheeks and brow bone. 

4. Wearing too light concealer

Can you see my conceal or, no right?

Can you see my conceal or, no right?

5. Too Much Foundation: Less is more. 4 dimes size dots on your face will do the trick. One on each cheek, forehead and chin.

Right-Foundation-46. Not filling in eyebrows correctly: When filling in your eyebrows, remember the key is too imitate the look of hair. Use short quick stokes, and don’t over do it and NEVER use a thick stick or use thick lines.

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