NK Henry Scarf Review

Being an honorary New Yorker I have a love for  scarves. When your main form of transportation is 10 Brooklyn blocks from your front door outerwear becomes an investment. So now that the weather here in my hometown of Philly is just chilly enough for scarfs I can break out this gorgeous one given to me from local designer NK Henry.


I was given two scarves, this grey-black one and a cognac brown one. I immediately fell in love with the grey-black version. It was super soft, supple and would of course pair most most of my coats. Similar to the popular infinity scarf, the NK Henry design is wide and long enough to wrap or drape around yourself, 2 or 3 times and check out my second favorite way to rock the scarf.


 The brown one is a denser fabric,its called “fancy brown” , we also have a softer brown called “Dull brown”, that is closer to the feel of the grey one.

In addition to beautiful scarves NK Henry also crafts and sells handbags, bracelets and belts. The brand is committed to donating a portion of sales to local and national charitable organizations that benefit women and/or children. To purchase any of the products seen in this post, please visit, nkhenry.com.

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