Fairwell To Skinny Minority Blogette

This will be the last blog post I’ll ever write on Skinny Minority Blog. I started this blog about a 2 years ago  with the intention of inspiring other young girls who wanted to be  fashion stylist, showing them my life behind the scenes. Well, over 2 years my content has changed. I’ve realized that I wanted to change directions and focus on something even more personal to me, my life as a curvy girl in fashion. Because lets face it, how many curvy/plus stylist do you know.   I LOVE fashion…but I wanted to inspire my readers more and educate them.  So now I have created the perfect balance between my life as a professional personal stylist and plus-size fashion blogger. 

Sooooooo, with that said I introduce you to …

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 5.47.02 PM

YAYAYAY!! I’m super excited about our new site and I can’t wait for you pay us a visit.  You’ll still get all the fun fashion, fitness and yummy foodie recipes  I’m obsessed with. Only now you will also get to see my work as a stylist, my closet make overs, music videos with Greg Machado & shoots with plus model rockstar Veronica Tejado. 

We appreciate all of your continued support, fans like you make Skinny Minority worth the grind. Thank you!
Now I invite you to check out my new site + blog, Skinny Minority. Roam around check out whats new like events, how to’s and closet makeovers! Don’t be shy and make sure to tell us what you think by leaving a comment. And make sure to subscribe so that you get all the fabulous updates on SM happenings. 

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