Retail Review: Torrid Jeans

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In college and in high school I used to think I was a “jeans girls.” But with the recent leggings explosion and fullness of my thickness I thought that had changed. However, after looking through my closet last night I was quickly reminded that the label still sticks! Who knew… Anyway I try to be on top of anything curvy/plus girl fashion. I don’t know about you but, everybody and they mama has talked about the jeans at Torrid.


Not a Torrid shopper I’d never given them a chance but, when I did the Best Jeans For Curvy Girls Pt1 & Pt2 I happened to leave Torrid out. But since we pride ourselves on giving you  the best of the best fashion solutions and options we had to give you an exclusive behind the scenes look at Torrid Jeans.


First and foremost huge shoutout to @TorridFashion for having amazing lighting in their dressing room. Its perfect for a quick mini photoshoot, like the one I did above 🙂

The Stiletto Jean

The Stiletto Jean

Pictured here is the new Stiletto Jean, described as “sleek denim hugs your curves all the way down to the zip ankle…stylish skinnies.”  Hug they do and in all the right places. I really liked these and they were the first ones I tried on. They were comfortable and had good stretch. 


Since this was my first time trying on Torrid Jeans I tried both a size 12 and 14, especially since the sales girl told me this fit was super slim. In the picture above I’m wearing the size 12 which was a perfect fit. I’m wearing the Stiletto Jean in a size 12s (12short). All styles and fit of Torrid Jeans come in short, regular and tall lengths which I love. These are the perfect length for pumps, flats booties and boots. 

Peep The Saggy Crotch

Peep The Saggy Crotch

I also tried on a size 14 (pictured above) however, due to my inbetweenie frame and recent weight loss these where a no go. See the saggy crotch,  yea, that means they are too big. Which ain’t a bad thing ya know. These retail for 69.80 and go up to a size 28. 

Up Next I tried the Sophia Skinny Jean not to be confused with the Sophia Jegging. Described as sleek with clean lines these jeans where an interesting fit.

Side View... Boottayy

Side View… Bootee

In the picture above I’m wearing a size 14 in the picture above. When I tried on the size 12 Sophia Jeans I could not button them, like seriously there was about 5 inches between the two sides of the zipper.

*If you scroll to the collage you can see the picture bottom left. 

What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?

I really like this style a well. The 14 fit nicely better than what I expected after trying on the 12 but as you can see it all worked out. I purchased these for $58.60.

Final Thoughts– I like Torrid Jeans! The fit isn’t absolutely perfect but perfection is hard to come by. I love the stretch and comfort. I would have purchased the Stiletto but I hadn’t even planned on making a purchase, I just wanted to test drive. But the stiletto cost a little more and I couldn’t wear them as much because for the color and the dark wash only goes in destorted style. Would I purchase them in the future, absolutely.

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 10.33.06 AM

As for the Sophia’s after wearing them all day I did get a bit of saggy butt and had to keep pulling them up, but I’m not sure why?? That was annoying but may have been caused my by belly jelly.  

If you haven’t tried Torrid Jeans yet I highly suggest that you do. My experience there was great and I appreciated that my curves were welcomed. I give these jeans a B+ the booty could be better and the rise could be a bit higher in the waist. 

Please if you have tried Torrid Jeans share with us and our readers your denim story, we’d love to know what your favorite style & fit. Just comment below or hit us up via Twitter @SkinnyMinority. 

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