Style Hero: Trina Of Baby Shopaholic

I’m not quite a mom yet but I’m almost a step mom and I’m a proud Godmother of two! Every birthday, every holiday and every time I enter a children’s store I shop til I drop! A bit of a shopaholic myself when I shop for my little cupcakes the feeling I get is darn near better than when I shop for myself! So when I hear mom’s say I love to shop but my kids come first I can truly relate. I also know that if I had child I would be broke, lol. 

Many of you like my personal style clients are moms. And although I haven’t joined the first baby club yet I know that fashion becomes even more important after baby comes home.  And who better to talk about this than my favorite mommy blogger Trina of Baby Shopaholic! 

Meet Trina, The Baby Shopaholic

Meet Trina, The Baby Shopaholic

·  Age:  34

·  Location: Atlanta

·  Alma Mater: Southern Illinois University

·  Occupation: Logistics

·  Little Know Fact:  I used to design and make Jewelry!

Prints & Texture

Prints & Texture

·  Why is being a fashion forward mom important to you? When you become a mom it is easy to lose yourself.  Taking a shower and getting dressed is a luxury!   Just because I had a baby does not mean I have to wear yoga pants everyday!  I was determined not to fall into that trap!  I wanted to bring the old Trina back!   

·  What made you start your blog?  Once I had my baby, I was texting or emailing everyone pictures of her little outfits!  I figured I could put it on a blog and people could keep up with her there and I could also share some of my style and beauty tips. 

Trina On Her Wat To Ladies Who Lunch Event

Trina On Her Way To Ladies Who Lunch Event

·  Describe Your Personal Style? Why is this question so hard!!!  My style is what I think works for my body!  My clothes are pretty classic with a few trends added here and there! 

·  Best Fashion Advice for Moms/Moms to be? Keep a few key pieces on deck (readily available) so you are always ready to go!  Stay away from fussy hairstyles!  They take too much time!  The high bun is your friend!


As a child my mother and I went to the mall every Saturday… I though if you weren’t at the mall on a Saturday what were you doing? I’am keeping that tradition. 

Rock Mom & Baby Rockette

 My Rock Mom Fashion Survival Kit includes:

      • Cute and big crossbody bag!
      • Bobbi Brown corrector to cover up those “shopping” bags under your eyes
      • Good shapewear so you can look flawless in those fabulous dresses
      • Always keep baby wipes on deck!  For the baby and for yourself!  Great for taking off makeup!

Trina - the baby shopaholic (1)

Beside her bubbly personality and her amazing style, what I love most about Trina is the advice that she gives. Take for instance her tips in her Fashion Survival Kit (above) ..ya’ll just don’t how bomb Bobbi Brown Color Corrector is, it’s better than concealer. And you can apply it with your fingers, no fancy brushes necessary. As fabulous as she is, she’s all about no fuss! Moms especially don’t have time for fuss… on or off the playground.  They’re too busy working, checking homework, making appointments, cleaning up boo boo’s and all that jazz. Oh and if they’re a rock mom like Trina they’re too busy being No Fuss Fancy! And to that we say you go girl! You’re our style hero!

We Salute You! 

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