BRA: Basic Required Accessory


Whenever I talk about bras I tell the story of how I once cried in a fitters arms. I’m not going to tell that story now… but we are going to talk about bras. I’ve been wanting to talk to my readers about them for awhile now, partly because I’m kinda obsessed with them. As I said in my last video, I’m like the online bra lady. I also mentioned in that same video that one of the things I wanted you ladies to do in 2013 is get a bra fitting. 

Its life changing… literally and so to prepare you for this shopping trip (in-store or online)  heres a few more tips on achieving the best lift. 

Le Mystere, $68

Le Mystere, $68

Things to watch out for

Cups & Straps. Your straps need to be adjusted when trying on th bra. Also no spillage; no matter what the cup shape demi, plunge, balconette there shouldn’t be anything spilling out. Make sure they fit. If you like a molded cup Le Mystere (the Oprah bra) is great.  
Panache, $62

Panache, $62

My favorite brands/recommendations: Panache & Curvy Kate

Now that I’m a 36HH (can’t wait until I get back in the Gs) these are the brands I love the most. I purchase them online at bare necessities but you can get them on the ground at Nordstrom and Intimacy stores.  I adore how sexy they and comfortable they are. Note: Curvy Kate is not an 18hr bra, I’ve noticed that after a super long (10hr) day your girls tend to droop a bit. 

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 7.45.54 PM

Once you get home…

Don’t wear a bra everyday or back to back. Try to allow for at least 2 rest days in between each wear. Never machine wash your bra, always hand wash and air dry. Not wanting to go to the laundry mat was not why Miss. Bradshaw always had lingerie hanging in her bathroom.  Note: Don’t use Woolite to soak your bras in. Woolite contains many softens that will loosen the cups shape, shortening the life span of your bra. 
UK Brand Shapely Plus, $48

UK Brand Shapely Plus, $48


Final Recommendations

Buy 2 bras every 3 months

Whenever you weight changes get a bra fitting

Always hand wash your bra; and never use Woolite

Skip Victoria Secret for a bra fitting (no shade) 

If Your Shy… Just Shop Online!
Bare Necessites

Curvy Couture


Affinita Intimates

Simply Be

Fig Leaves

For more tips on bras and lingerie check out my video, Skinny Minority 5W to Bra! And as always if you have questions about lingerie or bras for your curves contact me [at] skinny or comment below. 

3 thoughts on “BRA: Basic Required Accessory

  1. Jeni Starr says:

    I could not agree more about the importance of a great bra. For years I just got by with bras that really didn’t fit. About 2 years ago I went to a real bra fitter and got wonderful bras – and I’ve never turned back. Having a bra that fits makes clothes fit better and has helped my back and shoulder pain. I wear a lot of Elomi bras and love their fit.

    • karimarenee says:

      @Jeni Thanks for your comment. I think I have 2 Elomi bras and I do like them, very comfy. Sometimes they are cut too high for me tho. Thanks for visiting us, come back soon and welcome to The Skinny Minority!

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