How To: Spring In To Winter

I’m the east coast girl with no winter clothes. This happens to me every freaking year. Winter time comes, its cold and I swear i have no real winter clothes. As an image consultant this is sad, lol. My closet is in adequate or so it may seem. But just in case your wondering why I don’t have any real winter clothes there are two very good reasons for this:

  1. I don’t really like sweaters. Pull overs to be exact
  2. I don’t like long sleeves. Sorry I just don’t love them and I don’t really buy them

As an adult the cute and cold thing is not an option, so recently I was faced with making winter work for me. While reading Instyle Magazine I got inspired.

2013-01-09 13.43.00

I decided to recreate the look on the left. I know there are other women who have this same issue (not (fill in item/season here) clothes). So here’s a quick “how to” maximize your wardrobe and mix your spring and winter clothing. Save a little… learn a lot. 


2013-01-03 17.21.49

Like the Instyle look this skirt is actually a a sun dress.  I love this dress, its my favorite dress to wear in warmer temps. I got it two years ago at Urban Outfitters and I’ll never part with it. It has spaghetti straps and is very light weight, which is why its perfect for layering.

Sweater Topshop, Dress Urban Outfitters (old), Fleece Tights J.Jill, Boots Aldo (old)

Sweater Topshop, Dress Urban Outfitters (old), Fleece Tights J.Jill, Boots Aldo (old)

So Here’s a few How Too, Tips for mixing your Spring clothes with your Winter ones:

  1. Layer: this is obvious; you can’t see it but I have on a tank, a long sleeve top and the sweater.
  2. BLT: Blazer + Long John+ Tank! This combination will keep you super warm especially if you have a love/hate relationship with coats like me. The trick is the long john aka thermal top.
  3. Fleece Tights: I’m wearing fleece tights and stockings to keep my legs warm on this chilly day. I’m completely obsessed with these tights now, I wear them all the time.

67de03b6e0477c400f5090904671a5b2How do you maximize your wardrobe? What are you favorite pieces to layer?  Share you style secrets with us by commenting below. 

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