Thick Butt Fit: Pantry Must Haves

In my latest video I talked about my weight loss and fitness journey and I just wanted to also share some of my foodie must haves. This is a list of things I keep in the house so I can choose grapes sometimes instead of chips and those alike. One thing I keep in the house is ICE CREAM, thats not listed but, its still a pretty sweet list. 

1. Broccolini:  Broccolini is a green vegetable similar to broccoli but with smaller florets and longer, thin stalks. It cooks fast and its great with fish and when used in stir fry(s). Its also a great alternative to apragraus. 


2.  Low Sodium Pringles: Philadelphia Trainer and personal friend Angel Hunter has got me in the habit of watching out for carbs in the foods I eat. It may seem overzealous but it has taught me alot and thanks to her I dis-trust the American FDA even more. The sneaky little monsters allow companies to play with words and swap carbs or saturated fat for higher levels of sugar. For example Reduced Fat Pringles have more sugar and carbs than my go to Less Salt Pringles! See the games they play, and they get away with it all because Americans don’t always read! Reading is a rainbow of knowledge and is most definitely fundamental! 


3. Trader Joes Pineapple Juice: You haven’t had pineapple juice until you’ve had this stuff. Its 4.99 and worth every penny. I started drinking pineapple juice because it’s supposed to be good for people with type B positive blood. However, now I also drink it as an alternative to orange juice in the morning and also when I’m craving something sweet! It’s awesome and a definite must try!

Made From The Best Stuff On Earth

Made From The Best Stuff On Earth 

4. Apples, Bananas & Oranges: The truth about fruit is that its a complex sugar and if it was a Facebook relationship status well it would be categorized as complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. For the most part I eat what I want but when losing weight you do have to pay attention, because although no one every got fat from eating grapes, 1 cup is = to about 90 calories. Thats fine, but in the summa time (yes I meant to write summa) on the stoop or in the park ain’t no body thinking about that! Here’s a chart provided by to help with you choose the right fruit. 


At the end of the day I still eat whatever fruit I so desire but, these are the ones I keep in the crib. And although they are not at the lower end of the spectrum, I know that choosing a banana over a Hersey with almonds is the better choice anyday! 

5. Skinless Chicken Breast: For those who don’t like baked fish this a no brainer. I like to buy a pack, clean it, season it, grill or salute  it and individually wrap it for the week. That way I can put in it in salads, pastas, stir fry or eat it alone. Cooking time cut in half! 

images-1These are just a few of the things I keep in my home to avoid making poor dining choices. Many of them really save me from being lazy and late night snack attacks. Guys just keep in mind that its not about elimination but alternation and moderation!

To see more of my daily eating habits and what I’m buying at the market, follow me via Instagram and Twitter @SkinnyMinority  

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