Food: No Fry Pumpkin Doughnuts


We’ve been covering so much fashion lately that I wanted to give you guys and dolls a break. Too much of anything can be overwhelming, even fashion. Plus whats the holidays without food, especially sweets. On the flip side of that this time of year can totally blow anyone’s healthy eating habits, and of course we don’t want that. But don’t worry as usual we got your back.

A few weeks ago I did a healthy holiday eating seminar with Philadelphia Gas Works and it was amazing. At the end of the seminar I gave out the doughnuts you see above to show that even an American treat as nostalgic as these can be low cal and yummy.


I got the idea for these after blog surfing on The Glitter Guide. They posted a link to a gluten free recipe and so I compared gulten free recipe with an almost traditional recipe including flour. Both were good and so i made both, but below is the recipe.

This recipe is c/o Ashely Nicole

This recipe is c/o Ashely Nicole


In a large bowl mix pumpkin, peanut butter, pumpkin pie spice, agave, eggs and vanilla together. You can use a standing mixer or a hand mixer, doesn’t matter.


This is what your “batter” should look like once mixed. I have to admit when I was reading the ingredients I was surprised to see peanut butter. Peanut & Pumpkin, thats a new one.

Note: You have to use the peanut butter, and don’t even think about using more pumpkin and less peanut better. Been there and shouldn’t have done that. It doesn’t work. The peanut butter acts both butter and flour would. It moistens but also affects the texture, making the batter solidify.


Meanwhile preheat your over to 325 and oil your baking pan. I used non stick butter spray although the recipe calls for coconut oil. As a kinky/curly natural hair girl I have coconut oil at home but its only for my hair. Only god knows what mixed in that jar but we both know its far from edible. 


The recipe says to only fill the molds half way, I would suggest filling them 85%-90%. The doughnuts will drop quite a bit after cooling and that creates a flat look. Trust me I made these 3 times in two days. Practice makes perfect 😉


When you see the air holes and loose edges that means they are done. Once you remove the pan from the oven, allow 10-15 minutes cooling time.


And Voila! This recipe makes 12 doughnuts. Also I purchased my doughnut mold baking sheet from Target.

Until Next Time Happy Holidays!

PS: Be sure to check back Friday as I announce the winners of our Lane Bryant Giveaway and update you guys on my weight loss and fitness journey!

2 thoughts on “Food: No Fry Pumpkin Doughnuts

  1. Nae says:

    I can’t wait to try these! One thing: did you use almond butter or peanut butter (you refer to both). I’m also wondering if this would work with sweet potato?

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