Fashionista Gift Guide

My friends and family always tell me “I’m difficult to shop for.” But you know what I don’t blame them for feeling this way. I’m picky when it comes to fashion and my personal style. The color, stitch or heel height will completely turn me off from any item.Be that as it may, I’m a firm believer in making a list for birthdays and Christmas. That way your pretty much guaranteed to get something you truly want. However there are some rules I have about how to structure your list.
  •  Always include items in a wide price range from $20-$500! You want to make sure that you have items that fit anyones budget.
  •  You must have at least 5 items on your list. Depending on how many people you are giving your list too will determine how many items are on your list. I suggest 5 items are every 3 people.
  •  Lastly, distribute your list at least 30 days prior to the holiday or event. You always want to give your family and friends not only time to get the gift but time to possibly save/budget for the gift as well.

Fashionista Gift Guide

1. Pierre Hardy Colorblock Wedge: $675 These are perfect for Spring/Summer 2013! Pastels are definitely going to be a trend next year. As a matter of fact pastel skinnies are popping up everywhere! 
2. Henri Bendel Messenger Bag$498 Its neon pink messenger back is quite divine. This could even be an amazing sweet sixteen birthday gift for the mini fashionista in your life. The leather is like butter and the gold hardware just sparkles. 
3. Marc Jacobs DOT: $69 Any fashion girl will love pretty much anything Marc Jacobs, therefore this is a no brainer. His latest fragrance is warm, charming and a bit floral. Even the bottle is chic!
4. Diptyque Candle: $60 I adore candles but these Diptyque Candles are like nothing you’ve experienced from oil, wax and fire. Sold in large and minis these sensory delights are the perfect gift for new moms, the office style maven or any habitual candle collector.
5. Ciate Nail Polish: $15 Manicures are for some gals a reacurring calendar date while for others its a rare treat, either way we love them. Ciate luxury nail polish is all the rave and they have great unique colors!
6. Asos Curve Embellish Dress: $97 This LBD (little black dress) is super cute. The embellishments are great because they aren’t over the top. So you can where this to the boardroom  (with a blazer) or brunch. Fashion girls get to have more fun at work anyway so this is definitely office approved! Also I love this dress because you can wear it year-round, which almost makes this a wardrobe staple. She will either love it or hate it, but I’m thinking love it!

Want more suggestions for what to get your fashionista for the holidays? Comment below or tweet us @skinnyminority.

PS: And speaking of gifts,  we’re working with Lane Bryant for a great Holiday Giveaway Just For You! Tweet,  Pin, Instagram or Email us a picture of your favorite holiday inspired looks! Just @skinnyminority & hashtagit #LB12DAYS

Happy Shopping!

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