Style Hero: Brittany of Pockets & Bows

Tennessee, particularly Memphis is known for a few things rhythm & blues, ribs & barbecue  and soon pockets & bows. I’m not talking about the pockets on your booty or the bows in your hair, I’m talk about a YFF sensation. Remember when Swiss Beats & Drake talk about nails, hair done everything did? Well I’m not sure but, I’m pretty sure they were talking about our December Style Hero! Guys & dolls, meet Mrs. Brittany Coleman, the fancy one of Pockets &!

Britanny's Birthday Suit

Brittany’s Birthday Suit

  • Age: 25
  • Location: Tennessee
  • Alma Mater: Middle Tennessee State University
  • Occupation: Human Resources Coordinator
  • Makeup or Clothes? Which would you rather buy? I would definitely rather buy clothes. I go through phases where I get on a makeup kick but for the most part I’m a shoes and clothes kind of girl.
  • What made you start your blog? I started my blog first off because I am a fashion lover and also because when I was first introduced to the fashion blogging world, I never saw anyone that looked like me. Most blogs that I came across at that time were straight size blogs so I thought it would be fun to show people that plus size women can be stylish too. 
  • Describe Your Personal Style: My personal style is always evolving because I love to incorporate “right now fashion” into my wardrobe, but the one thing that I always stay true to is being classy.  Right now I am really into the minimalist/monochrome looks! They are so chic and polished. 
  • Best Fashion Advice? It is not your job to dress to make other secure, your only job is to be secure within yourself! When it comes to fashion always wear what you love and what makes you feel good because when a woman is confident, people can’t help but to watch and admire! Remember, confidence is convincing.Check The Color Pop
  • Whats in Your Curvy Girl Fashion Survival Kit? A curvy girl can’t go wrong with a tailored blazer, a pair of high heels, and a pair of skinny pants! Instant style and instant chic!

pussybow dress 2

What I like most about Brittany’s style is how it has evolved and how even at a size 22 (now rocking a 14/16) she is and will forever be a girl on trend! From liquid leggings to now the Kimye Monochrome look Brittany loves to follow the trends and break the “fat” girl rules. I too am all about making the style you covet & crave work for you. Thats part of the reason why I started this blog, to inspire. 

green zara 6

Inspiration: the act of breathing in; a super natural divine influence. 

Wow thats powerful. This year we had six style hero’s Brittany being our 6th. Every other month we set out to tell you a different story, show you new style and give a unique message. But everyday we hope to inform you and inspire you, with something fresh you can take in and be influenced by.  

shag vest

Brittany has inspired us to love ourselves a bit more, beat our faces a tad harder and to embrace everything we’ve been told we shouldn’t. For that we love her and her salute her as our Style Hero! 

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