Food: Inside Out Hoagie

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HOAGIE: Also known as a hero sandwichItalian Sandwichsub,torpedo or grinder depending on the region where you are located. 

So here we are smack dab in the middle of Football season! Last week we made low- fat pizza, and the week before that hot wings. So what delicious food would top off your party menu… a hoagie aka a sub. I’m a Philly girl and here we call them  hoagies (ho-gee).  These are sandwiches traditionally served on a long “sub” roll loaded with mayo and fatty italian meats. Hoagies are traditionally eaten during sports events, not only do we have them at home in front of the TV but they are served in ball parks & stadiums across the country. 

And so in Skinny Minority fashion I wanted to make sure that my Low Fat Football Party served hoagies. Therefore I decided to dumped the inside of the hoagie into a bowl and create amazing salad with the same flavors. 

Recipe Card

Recipe Card

Its all thats in a hoagie without the caloric stuff, no mayo, no bun and turkey meats instead of pork. Viola, all the taste of your favorite sub in a salad! Try it now, you will thank me sooner than later.

Inside Out Hoagie

Inside Out Hoagie

Be sure to check us out next Sunday we’re serving up Lite Chicken & Dumplings for Supper! In the mean time be sure to check out our New Food section for more amazing recipes.

Have questions about this recipe or have a recipe you would like us to cut the fat, contact us above or Tweet us @SkinnyMinority.

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