Fitness: Talking with Angel Hunter Of Achievers Of Excellence

“This is not about what we feel… the number 1 excuse I hear is I don’t feel like it. Well guess what, I don’t always feel like it.”

Words from a real woman, from a woman who once stood at 5’2 220 pounds. Hearing her say that was like reading a page from my diary. Even til this day i use that excuse, I don’t feel like it (working out, doing laundry, cooking, blogging).  All of my life I have struggled with creating a balance between food and fitness. In August I talked about my new fitness challenge to get active again and walk 5 miles 5 times a week. My progress, well that’s another story. However, along my journey I met a truly amazing woman, someone heaven sent.  After chatting with her and spending some time with her in the gym I felt compelled to share her story. Seriously, how many people do you know who go from being a size 22 to a size 0? 

Angel Is Wearing The Flower Dress

So I sat down with her recently one on one and we talked everything from doughnuts to dumbbells! Ladies its time to chat & chew, pull up a chair  and get to know Mrs. Angel Hunter, body builder, personal trainer and spiritual minister.

Q: Tell us about your Weight loss journey? 

A: It’s always been a struggle even when I was a kid. I was a teen mom when I had my first daughter  and it was then that I started exercise and loss some weight. At that point it wasn’t healthily weight loss. My family said I looked unhealthy and malnutrition. I wasn’t educated and I did the yo-yo thing forever. In the 80’s I started doing aerobics instruction.   At that point I was probably carrying around 30 extra pounds. But I still was missing the key part of weight loss, healthy eating.

Fast forward 30 years and I was still teaching but steadily picking up weight. I was constantly in the gym, I worked corporately but I still wasn’t doing anything for me.

I would look in the mirror but , I wasn’t really looking in the mirror. Everything was put together nicely on the outside package. But I wasn’t looking at me because when I did I,  didn’t like who I saw because of the weight.

It wasn’t until my youngest daughter went on her senior prom and someone took a picture and seeing that was my final wake up call. I said to myself, here I am promoting health and fitness to women and I’m humungous, I was 220lbs and a size 22. I was mad at myself first and I began to take it out on the family, asking them why didn’t you tell me that I was this big? My daughter responded ” Mommy we love you and we don’t see you as being big.” So I said I need to practice what I’m preaching and knowing what I knew (about health and fitness) I started my newest journey and that was in 2004. 

Its an ongoing life long process. 

Angel Hunter From Size 22 to Size 0

Q: What did you do before  you were a personal trainer, and what made you decide to do this full time?

A: The passion of it… being able to look into my clients eyes and know what they are feeling without them having to articulate their struggle. Its about the passion because I’ve done everything from public relations to working in pharmaceuticals corporately. But even in those years I was teaching classes and training clients before work, so fitness has always been apart of my life. 

Q: What is your workout routine like? 

A: It changes and it has changed over the past few years especially as I progress in what I can do. I’m a body builder and strength trainer and when females hear that women that they think ” oh no I’m gonna look like a man.”

” Its my mission to let women know that they should lift heavy, its not only going to strengthen you but, define you. You talkin’ about brick-house curves…thats the way to go.”

Over the last few years I’ve gone from only being able to leg press 290lbs, to today able  to do numerous reps at 600lbs. Thats not for beginners, thats what I can do after several years of training. 

The Ultimate Stepper

For newbies I recommend getting a trainer, preferably me. You need someone experienced who can help you with diet, cardio and strength training. Experience is key, someone with a developed eye to get you to your goal safely. Also…

  • Lots of cardio
  • Take a mixture of classes
  • Have someone at your gym show your how to use each machine 

Q:What specific workouts are good for curvy girls?

A: Its a combination of everything really, because you can’t just take one exercise and one body part and say this is going to give you curves. Personally, I like strength training the legs… it really helps you curve out. Lunges, Dips, Squats, Walking Lunges, Curtsies.

Q: Whats in your pantry, what do you eat on a daily basis?

A: I have to say its very strict, more like a competitors diet. Its a lot of protein and green veggies, I don’t eat yellow vegetables.Green beans, yams, brown rice, cottage cheese and greek yogurt. Minimal fruits, most of the fruits I have are in my protein drinks. And oatmeal and egg whites for breakfast. 

“I caution women to watch out for protein bars, many of them say they are great but have more carbs than the law allows.

Q: What’s the #1 mistake that women make when it comes to health & fitness?

A: Lack of consistency, discipline and drive. The determination is there but drive isn’t for whatever reason. Hormones can be a problem, we emotionally eat and it’s all about what we feel. When really it isn’t. This is not about what we feel, I tell my clients that all the time. We (women) have got to get that out of our head(s). We deal with our hormones, cycles and on top of that we’re busy. Thats the number 1 excuse I hear is I don’t feel like it. Well guess what 99% of the time I don’t feel like it, but once its done I feel so much better. 

Owww Push It.. Push It Good

Q:What are your 5 Must Haves For a Great at Home Workout? 

A: For an at home workout

  • Walking: thats something that you can do at home, in your neighborhood, wherever.
  • Fitness Dvds: Try on demand, Fitness TV, You Tube & Wii Fit for great at home workouts.
  • Hire A Trainer: Its there job to push you hard but safely to achieve your goals.
  • Park further/Take The Steps: The more you do the better. 

Angel Hunter, Age 50, 2011

Before we started recording the formal interview Angel and I swapped stories about how we allowed sundaes and Crispy Creams to soothe our stressful days. Today, we still fight the urge and sometimes being human we give in to temptation. We’re honest enough to admit that, even the mightiest have pitfalls, and yes at some point every teacher has failed a test. We’re not perfect nor do we pretend to be, but thats why I love Angel. Her story is organic and relatable to anyone who has ever struggled with their weight, started a weight loss journey, or looked past their own reflection in the mirror. Her story is triumphant and clearly was not an over night success. Trainer or not, weight on or off she is still on a journey, maintaining the balance she created with food and fitness.

For more information about Angel and her training programs visit her on Facebook. Got a question for Angel, email her at or Tweet her @angelhunter8

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