Fashion: 6 Fall Trend Must Haves!

Everyone, everywhere is talking about Fall fashion trends. But depending on what your personal style is the trends may vary. Style has no age or size yet, trend does. As a curvy girl, I’m always cautious about getting into trends. As we know everything isn’t for every body, literally. But nothing ever is, so I wanted to compile a list of 6 great trending must haves of the season. From boots to coats, this list has pieces for for every body, each created equal under the statue of style!

6 Must Have Fall Trends

6 Must Have Fall Trends

  • The Body Con Leather Panel Dress:  What I love most is the shape of the leather panels. You can pick this dress up at for $99
  • The Peplum Skirt: This one from TopShop is super stretchy and without a zipper ultra comfortable.

Peplum Skirt By Topshop

  • Moto Boots: Flat, stylist and bedazzled! Oh Yes. This Vince Camuto boot allows you to cover the studs/stones by zipping up the sides.  For the small price of $225 you can have two styles in this one amazing boot. 

Vince Camuto Boot

J Crew Stadium-cloth cocoon coat

  • Pop Color Coat: A coat is a great way to incorporate color into your wardrobe. If you still can’t go as bold as this J Crew coat then swap the buttons on your coat from last year.

Taste The Rainbow/ All Coats Avail. @

365 Must Haves

Denim Top @ H&M Is only $15

Leather Panel Leggings @ River

2 thoughts on “Fashion: 6 Fall Trend Must Haves!

  1. poshtoganache says:

    I love the panel dress…I’ve been seeing it on t.v. so much and would love one! and I also love the colorful coats JCREW has…I love color during the winter as much as summer time 🙂

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