Sunday Dinner: Beer-Braised Chicken

This post is a direct tribute to my grandma aka my nanny. Nanny didn’t make chicken with beer but she did make baked chicken, mash potatoes and peas 🙂 I’m currently making Sunday Dinner with all the fixing but, this post is only going to focus on the meat, the chicken.  So for those of you who aren’t a fan of peas as always just swap! I love this recipe because its amazing and only requires a few ingredients most of which you have already.

So check out your newest recipe card and go raid your pantry, I’ll meet you in the kitchen. 

Your Beer Braised Chicken Recipe Card

Now that you have your ingredients (and your swaps) follow along with your recipe cards and I’ll take you through the steps photo by photo until Dinner is finally served.

1. Clean & Prep Chicken. Please make sure to remove all skin. Skin = Fat & Fat= Calories

2. Now Season; Here’s what my chicken leg quarters looked like…

Step 1 & 2

Briming and marinating are always things I like to do to my meats if time allows. I marinated this chicken for about 3 hours. Thats not required, in fact it just happened that way. I just believe it works!

3. Time to “fry”. This is m chicken after about 10 minutes in the pan over medium heat.

 Beer Braised Chicken/ Skinny Minority

In The Pan

I always cook with Safflower oil, but if you read this blog regularly you know that. Its better for you than vegetable and canola. This oil stands up to high heat unlike olive oil.

 Beer Braised Chicken/ Skinny Minority

Sweet Sweet Red Onions

Make sure to use red onions and not white or yellow onions. I know it may seem like a small swap but the taste will be totally different. Red onions are sweet and will compliment the peas and beer well.

4.  After 15mins.  transfer meat to oven-safe dish and set aside. Now toss in diced red onion and lightly caramelize. After about 8 mins add mustard and beer. Cook for 5 mins. Then pour over chicken.

 Beer Braised Chicken/ Skinny Minority

Its time to Braise Baby

Braising: is a combination cooking method using both moist and dry heat; typically the food is first seared at a high temperature and then finished in a covered pot with a variable amount of liquid, resulting in a particular flavor.

5. Cover plate and place in oven for 25mins.
6. Now drain peas and in a separate bowl mix in butter and Splenda sugar blend.

Beer Braised Chicken/ Skinny Minority

Beer Braised Chicken / Skinny Minority

Its easy street from here on out! I suggest you toss a salad to keep things light or you can follow after my grandma and mash some potatoes too! Either way dinner is served!

Beer Braised Chicken/ Skinny Minority

Comfort Food Done Right!

Make sure to check us out next week for our BIG Low Fat Football Favorites! From wings to tata-skins we got you covered! And trust us he’ll never know the difference!
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