Shoes: Designer For Less

Picture C/O PYNK Magazine

Shoes, shoes are good for your heart its hard to stop buying them once you start. I love shoes! Don’t get me wrong I love a good handbag and all but, I adore what goes on my feet. I’m not sure when this love affair started but, since then I have gone to counseling for it and I think I have it under control. I now only purchase shoes when I NEED them. I’ve talked about my shoe club memberships before and the pros and cons of them. I recently made an impulse buy from Sole Society for a pair of Jimmy Choo. I’ve been wanting these Jimmy Choo shoes for at-least the past 2 years and yet they are so simple but so completely perfect.

Shoe 1

Shoe 2

Can you tell which is more expense? Well the shoes above are almost exact copy cats of one another. Only two differences: color and thickness of heel. Shoe 2 retails for $795, shoe 1 retail for $59! Although I love a Jimmy Choo (I would never buy a pair Christian Louboutin’s) shoe 1 fit my style and my budget needs.

Here are a few more designer looks for less. Call me a fashion sell out but, who can say no to great shoes at a great price? Yea, I’ll wait…

Red Shoe…

Yellow Shoe…

The red shoe is by Kate Spade and retails (now on sale) for $209 while the yellow embossed one will cost you $49 at Sole Society.

Black Licorice, YUM

Higher Or Lower?

Everyone needs a good pump in their closet but finding one to last thru all the meetings and late night LBD (little black dress) cocktails. And if black is too boring for you, what about the seasons hottest color oxen blood. As you can see these two could pass for twins, only the black pair is $525 while the red licorice color is $79 at Shoemint.

Cheap Or Chic?

Cheap or Chic?

Brian Atwood vs. Shoemint who wins this around, I say Shoemint, I like there attention to detail and mix of colors. While the Shoemint bootie retails for $79 the Mr. Atwood’s version will cost you oh a small $745! LOL

Oh and by the way look what we found days later on Instagram…. Labron James Fiance Savannah Brinson rocking these Brian Atwood booties!!! Now you can recreate her look for a fraction of the price.

Picture C/O Of The Fashion

So ladies, what was your last shoe purchase? Where do you shop for bargains? And where are your favorite places to get designer looks for less? Comments below and share your find with me!!!!


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