PowerChick: Diann Valentine

Miss Diann Valentine… The Queen Of Hearts

She’s been all over the world and worked with some of the most recognizable names in entertainment. Her client portfolio would make even David Tutera blush. When it comes to events, particularly weddings the buck ends and beginnings with Diann Valentine. Not sure who she is just yet, well if your a reality tv addict you may have seen her hosting her own show I Do Over on We Tv . Or making an appearance on VH1’s hit yet controversial show Basketball Wives as Evelyn Lozada’s wedding designer.

Mrs. Valentine wears several fabulous hats and has been called many things from entrepreneur to motivational speaker and dream fruiterer.  And now we call her Powerchick! Guys & Dolls Meet Diann Valentine!

A Powerchick Must Be Tech Savvy

Location: Worldwide Baby! Los Angeles, CA

Alma Mater: California State University at Hayward

Occupation: Creative Director, Diann Valentine Living Well, Inc.

How did you become a wedding producer/designer?

I started my company while I was a senior in high school by helping me cousin plan her wedding.  I enjoyed it so much so I decided to start a formal business thinking it would help pay my way through college.  After college, my goal was to go to law school and ultimately settle with being a litigator.  However, I had long before fell in love with love so even though I did not see this venture as a lifelong career, I certainly knew that it was my life’s passion and my life’s ministry.  When I really think about it, I like to say that I did not choose L-O-V-E…it chose me!

Powerchicks Colorblock

What I consider to be my ‘glass ceiling’… I instantly give it power over me, my gifts and my life’s goals.  Therefore, I will just share what current professional challenges I am facing. Finding a consistent home on TV.  I really want to express myself creatively in the form of household products.

In 5 Years I want to be…

Hosting a successful TV show or having a consistent TV presence to share my gifts and to continue my ministry of love to a larger audience.  The Diann Valentine brand will have achieved the launch of some products and I will begin to develop the global brand that is within my business model.  I will be enjoying a rich, full life with my husband and our extended family!

Real Women Work It

What’s in Your PowerChick Survival Kit:

  My Bible

  My iPhone

  My Passport

What wedding trend do you want to see disappear?

White Wedding Dresses

Being an entrepreneur what’s the best lesson you’ve learned so far?

Manage Your Money!

Her Best Business Advice…Be Yourself

 If thou were not producing weddings & events…

Hmmmm!  Seeing that I believe I am living my destiny it is really hard for me to imagine myself doing anything else.  However, I know that I would be doing something creative that would bring joy into people’s lives.  I’ve always wanted to move to Italy and open an uber-fabulous flower shop and live a much simpler life so maybe that’s it…sounds good to me.

Describe the Fashion & Food of your dream wedding?

The fashion would be full of vibrant colors and everyone would don a custom Tom Ford creation…sexy and edgy. The food would be an eclectic mix of different cultural offerings that encouraged everyone to explore a food palette beyond what they are comfortable with.  People always choose safe menus not realizing that all of their guests are usually hoping to enjoy something different and delicious!

Delicious indeed. I will certainly contract the services of Mrs. Valentine when I walk down the isle and I promise not to be a bridezilla. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Diann as her brand grows. I’m inspired by women like her, for they are today’s moguls and business superhero’s! They may not wear capes, fly with the clouds or fight on the front lines but, they do defy the laws of sexism, motive women and girls across the globe and supersede corporate gravity. And it is because of that, that we call them Powerchicks.

To contact Diann be sure to follow her via Twitter @DiannValentine .For all other inquiries please visit her site Diann Valentine.

 Powerchicks is one of our newest blog series written to inspire our readers to be powerful as women, do what they love and never settle for less!

6 thoughts on “PowerChick: Diann Valentine

  1. Melissa says:

    I always love reading Diann’s story – so inspiring! Thanks for another wonderful post about the Mrs. Talented Diann Valentine.

  2. Ken Jordan says:

    I am so happy for Diann! I can remember when she got started and thinking to myself, she is really good. I can proudly say I sang at a Diann Valentine wedding.

  3. Marie claire says:

    Anything regarding Diann Valentine i can’t resist it, i love her a a person, and like her work and creativity. she is very blessed. she is my role model when it comes to weddings since am wanna be a wedding planner too!!

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